15 October 2019

"Well well....."

"...thinking you could defeat me, ME the Mistress of all Evil!"
One of the best lines in Walt Disney's 
Sleeping Beauty has now become the title for the sequel
all about our favorite horned "wicked" fairy.
This movie follows the first in both style and character development.
Maleficent and Aurora have a strong bond that will be tested by
attempting to join families with Prince Phillip's parents 
over their much anticipated union.
The King wants peace and unity, the Queen may be hiding some devious plans.
What will happen when the worlds collide?

Angelina Jolie once described Maleficent as a "delicious" character to play,
and she delivers a performance that makes you sympathize with
(and dare I say, humanize?) this feared fairy.
Michelle Pfeiffer shines as Jolie's foil and enemy.
These two powerhouse women steal the show
and leave you wanting more.
Chiwetel Ejioforis a great addition to this cast and his character, Conall 
helps us learn more about Maleficent's origins 
which she herself doesn't fully understand or know.
There is humor mixed in at all the good times for it and the music is stellar!

As for those little ones seeing this movie:
I, personally, will let my kids see it once it's out for purchase
so I can pause and explain things as we go.
There is a lot of intensity in this movie and 
emotional hardships that might be too difficult for some to understand.
There is a large battle at the end of the movie
(this isn't a spoiler, y'all have seen Pfeiffer/Jolie in their battle armor in previews)
and it's quite long and many heavy things happen as they do in wars.
I would be cautious and see it first for any young kids but I think age 9+ would do just fine.
See Maleficent: Mistress of Evil in theatres this Friday
October 18th!!