02 September 2019

Kooky Hair and a GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to September everyone!!
I wish I could say it was cooling down in AZ but we just had two weeks or more 
of heat advisories that lasted multiple days sooooo 
we still melting over here hahaha 
I'm here today to talk about a new company I just found!

  They're called Formulate and they are  
custom shampoo and conditioner wizards!
You take a simple hair quiz:
type, length, heat treated, colored, etc
and then tell them your hair goals:
glossy, scalp health, UV protection, color last, etc
and BAM!
They create a one of a kind formula JUST for you!

You can choose up to 6 hair goals for your combo and a scent
AND strength OF that scent,
It was magical!
I chose the Shoreline scent and it was AMAZING.
My hair goals were:
Color Protection (hello purple hair), thermal protection (from AZ heat), glossy hair, 
nourish roots, and improve scalp health 
(I've been dealing with an itchy scalp for a few years now 
and it annoys me).

Here's a video I did talking about my experience and 
sometimes it's better to listen than read hahahaha

The formulae may not have worked great for my hair
BUT my scalp was much better!
I loved working with this amazing company
AND because they love you all so much,
we've partnered to do a giveaway for one FREE set of shampoo and conditioner set!
One person will win the free set but every entry will receive a discount 
for the products if you desire to try them!
Click the link here to enter to win!!
Check out their website to see more testimonials and how their process works!
It's truly something to admire!

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