06 July 2019

Home Tour!

We've been plugging along here
unpacking the house,
and celebrating birthdays!
For those asking,
here is a "house tour" 
I have most of the fun stuff from the house on my
Amazon favorites page so it's easy to find!
Summer is always a crazy time for us! 
Andrew and Rory have birthdays 4 days apart
so it's always a bit nuts for that one week hahaha
This year we just had friends over,
went out to eat and enjoyed our amazing new house.
We had our friends stay with us for a few days
while they transitioned to a new house
and we LOVED having them here
and having the house filled with people.
We will miss them terribly though and I'm only
completely heartbroken that they're leaving us!
Nevertheless it's been a crazy summer,
and school starts in like 2 weeks!
I'm ready for life to calm down just a smidge hahaha