22 May 2019

"Aladdin, The Princess, and The Lamp."

I will try to control myself
to NOT burst out in
"Arabian Nights" as I write this because believe me, 
it's a very strong temptation!
Last night I went with my mom to a screening of
I'll be honest.
I walked into this with zero expectations because 
I LOVE the animated version of this movie so much I was skeptical.

Guys I was blown away by how good it was!
It was its own movie.
They weren't trying to make it completely the same way,
they made it their own!
I loved it.
Let's talk about this for a minute.
The music is INCREDIBLE!
Naomi Scott was my biggest surprise of the entire thing,
her voice is amazing,
her portrayal of Jasmine just made me so happy.
We already knew that Jasmine was "NOT a prize to be won",
and Naomi portrays her with such grace and power
that I was happily stunned by.
The dancing!
They combined Bollywood with hip hop and I DIED!
It's amazing to see different cultures meld into 
one beautiful interpretation of events.
On that note,
let's mention how AMAZING it is to see
actors that are actually FROM the culture being represented!?
This casting was done incredibly,
including Will Smith.
A few naysayers have mentioned that he doesn't fit this or that mold,
or belong in the cast because he himself is not of the same culture.
Um guys, he plays THE GENIE.
the BLUE Genie for crying out loud!
He belongs just fine.
I fell in love with this movie and 100% recommend it for kids and adults alike ;)
It's super fun and very entertaining,
and you'll be singing
"Friend Like Me" for days!

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