24 April 2019

"We're in the endgame now"

"How many did you see?"
"How many did we win?"

After the MCU devastaed us with Avengers: Inifinity War -
Thanos won.
For the first time, our beloved heroes lost.
Utterly and without closure.
the time has come to settle the score for as
Tony Stark said from the beginning
"Earth's Mightiest Heroes.....
If we can't protect the Earth,
you can be damed sure we'll avenge it."
This movie is long.
3 hours and 2 minutes to be exact.
Altough I'd say it's more like 3 hours and 10 minutes to include the first part of the credits.
And trust me when I say,
it doesn't ever give you a break.
It starts without warning or even a recap.
Just BAM!
So use the bathroom before,
maybe skip the drink and popcorn,
and just enjoy the show.
I enjoyed everything about this movie.
I walked out and immediately wanted to go back and watch it again.
It's not just the story I will go back for either.
The way it was filmed,
the MUSIC!!!,
everything spectacular we've come to expect from a Marvel movie
were all there and then some.
Movies you NEED to have seen before seeing Endgame:
Avengers Infinity War.
That's it.
Captain Marvel is a good idea to see just so you can know who
she is and what she can do but it isn't essential
while Inifinity War is most definitely.
They don't have the luxury of recapping the last movie 
before delving into this one so you've been warned!
If you're thinking of taking your kids to see this I have a slight word of caution:
unless they've seen Inifinity War, and survived watching that,
I'd wait a bit before they see this.
There's nothing bad in the way of bad words or sexual innuendos
but it IS intense and doesn't let up really at all.
And there is, considerably, a lot of fighting.
My own kids won't be seeing either of these until they're a little bit older
only becasue they're not emotionally mature enough to handle them yet.
Will they avenge the world like they've promised:
"Whatever it takes."?
Go see it in theaters starting April 26th and find out!
(and then talk to me cuz I'm DYING to talk to people about it!!!)

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