01 February 2019

Functional Craft/Office Space

  I've been on the search for MONTHS
for something to hold all of my vinyl and such for my business
and let me tell you,
If I had no budget to worry about,
I have plenty of wishlists I could share but let's share the reality shall we? ;)
The I found it!
My sweet friend was cleaning out her garage and had an IKEA
dresser (similar here) that she had made super cute
and just didn't need anymore.
I quickly volunteered as tribute for it!
When I saw it in person I was so happy and knew it would be perfect!
 I got it home and put it in the space I had cleared for it
(the room is super funky in layout,
weird walls and let's not even talk about the horrid colors in here -
they were from the previous owners and we didn't have money
to have them paint before so there ya go!)
and I quickly put everything in the drawers.

(And yes, I've been folding in the Kon Mari style WAY before this year folks hahaha) 
Owning your own small business is no joke y'all.
It takes a lot of time and effort
but is also so much fun!
 I also got myself the Cricut EasyPress 2!!
I bought the 12 X 10 press and the 20 X 16 mat 
that they suggest for it.
I haven't been this happy in a long time!
It's so easy to use and will save me TONS of time and backache! 
If you want to see a full tutorial for how to use it,
stay tuned! There will be a post soon!
If you can't wait any longer because you just love all things crafty,
I DID do a small tutorial on my Instagram Stories
and saved it in my highlights on my profile!