09 May 2018

Mom Beauty Hacks (Plus A Giveaway!)

So it's well-known around these parts that I am not a beauty expert.
I mean I barely started wearing makeup at all just last year!
But since beginning this
"beauty journey" if you will,
I have found a few things that I think are "Mom Hacks"!
Maskcara makeup
 And no, I actually don't sell it hahaha
so this is not a self plug or anything!
I just happen to really love the product and I think it's
one of the best hacks out there.
It's essentially fool-proof and has a guide to help you.
Plus it lasts forever as long as you apply it correctly and don't overdo your look.
The point of Maskcara is to enhance your natural beauty,
not mask it ;)
(Get it, get it??)
Maybelline Matte Ink Lip Colors
 Influenster introduced me to these magic tubes of color
and I love them soooooo much!
They stay on through food, drink, sweat (mostly, there is a limit but it takes a lot!),
AND you can put chapstick over it if you feel that they're getting dry
(mine rarely do for reference) 
Smille Brilliant Teeth Whitening

Remember this post?
Well seriously,
its sooooo easy and fast to whiten your teeth!
I can grab my favorite book,
or whiten while I do laundry, dishes, cleaning.
I've done it all while whitening my teeth hahaha
My kids always know when I'm doing it too
because I sounds funny with my "retainers" in!
Micellar water!
 This makeup remover stuff is magical!
I went through a bunch of different ones before I finally 
found this one and it made my skin so soft!
Plus it takes everything off with minimal effort
and no scrubbing which is awesome.
I personally love the Garnier brand but I think most of them are super similar ;) 
And because I love you so much,
Smile Brilliant is giving away another teeth whitening kit!!!
Click the link below to enter!!

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