25 April 2018

Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Plus a Wizard and some Guardians)

10 years.
18 movies.
(Phase 1 Phase 2)
 Heroes have been made,
measured, tested, mourned, failed, redeemed,
and have saved us from disaster.

All of it leads up to this encounter with the feared and mysterious Thanos.
A Titan with a majorly twisted outlook on life.
We know he's been searching for the Infinity Stones
and now we'll see what happens if he gets them.
Earth's Mightiest Heroes (and "friends") have been sighted,
but can they save us this time?
This movie is incredible.
The way it's written, shot, scored is going to become stuff of legend.
The actors have really outdone themselves in these roles.
We've grown with them and now to see them in what seems to be the ultimate
climax of this movie universe is something to behold.
Just Thor by himself has had the biggest change in just one movie
(if you haven't already,
see Thor: Ragnarok BEFORE you see Avengers)
The music is literally perfect.
The first thing I said to Andrew
(after "Holy CRAP!")
was how amazing the music was!
  We all know that music makes the movie,
and this was no exception.
The cast is fantastic!
We see much beloved characters as well as a few newer faces
and they are all an integral part of everything.
As worlds collide and our heroes start meeting face to face
it's quite the adventure and hilarity of course ensues.
I want to write so much,
but honestly anything more would ruin it for the rest of you.
If you need/want a buddy to go see it with you,
call me first because I will see this one over and over again
without any issue.
As for my kids,
I won't be taking them to see it in theaters for sure,
and honestly I may wait until they are older for them to watch it.
It is intense.
And if your kids didn't care for Guardians of the Galaxy,
then this is most assuredly not for them.
I definitely suggest keeping the PG-13 rating in mind 
but also use your own judgment of course with your own kids.
 One thing is for sure:
this movie will change everything and
hold onto your seats,
this will be a bumpy and thrilling ride of a lifetime!