05 February 2018

Dreams Can Come True

So I started something about a year ago,
something I've been thinking about for a long time,
and this past week we made it a reality!
I opened a tshirt business with shirts for plus size people
that are the same price as the smaller ones!
I have always been incredibly frustrated being a plus size lady
trying to buy tshirts.
Graphic tees, Disney tees, cute shirts from Jane or Etsy
and noticing that MY size was at least $10-15 more than the XL size.
And then of course I'm not able to buy it because 
my budget does not include $50 for a tshirt.

So I wanted to create a space that was able to be cost effective
AND keep the prices reasonable
for EVERY size.
And we've found a way!
Best part?
We are able to use other local businesses to print the shirts
AND to package them with things purchased
from other local shops.
I love supporting local businesses
and now that I have my own little shop
I hope to help change the way we think of plus size fashion.

I have an incredible friend who has helped me get this thing off the ground.
She and her sisters have been my friends for awhile
thanks to the small business world 
and boutique vendor circles we run in.
She helps me do the designs AND 
helps me know which shirts we should put them on.
We're a great team and I'm so happy she wanted to do this with me.

So far we've sold a few of the shirts and we have more coming in
with different designs for both men and women,
in regular and plus sizes.
The "Fueled by Soda and Tacos" shirt is my favorite
(and designed by my BFF Alyx)
but I have so many ideas and we're just getting started!

To be completely transparent here,
this has been so hard and scary!
SO hard to put myself out there,
to believe that this dream could come true.
It's been hard to have the faith to even try it!
But thanks to friends who encouraged me to take that leap,
I did.

If you want to follow along on this journey
(and maybe even make a purchase!)
follow me on Insta:
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And now I'm off to be a real Momtrepreneur
(can you believe it!?)