31 December 2017

2017 In Review!

  I swear 2017 just flew by!
SO here's our year in review!
(I love doing these so I can see how far we've come in a year!)
The girls got their new-to-them bunkbeds
and they have LOVED sleeping in them ever since!
I talked more in depth about my PPD/PPA
and how it's changed/developed in the last 2 years.

 I tried to get a handle on our house and the clutter
which helped my mental health so much!
 And we made our master bedroom a little more homey.
I still need to fill those empty spots haha

I was given a Canon T3i from my brother
and so I just started taking pictures of everything hahaha
My Canon Rebel had died and I was in mourning
and he took pity on me especially since he never used the camera anyways hahaha
I also became a Dating Divas affiliate

This was a big month for us since Aunt Haley got married!!
It was a fun and crazy day with quite a good story to go with it.
We love Jason and the girls have taken to him.
We also got some family pictures taken before the wedding so 
that I had some of the girls in their adorable dresses we bought for the wedding.
Rory had a farm field trip for preschool and Jade got to join too!
 Yes that's Jade milking a cow hahaha she loved it!

 Alyx came to visit and she "forced me" into doing a boudoir session 
with her while she was here
and it was incredible and a HUGE self esteem booster for me!
I attended my first LDS Blogger event which was amazing and fun
I enjoyed a nice simple Mother's Day
and Rory finished her first (and only) year of preschool.
I shed many tears realizing she would be off to kindergarten soon
but I had to wait an entire 2 months until then hahaha

Andrew and Rory each celebrated a birthday,
Andrew (28) and Rory (5)
and we went to Costco for Andrew's and then 
took Rory school supply shopping for hers.
I took a leap and dyed my hair teal.
This was something I have always wanted to do but it took some serious
self-esteem boosting to actually DO IT.
It also helps when your best friend is a complete enabler 
and has a wonderful husband that flies you out for a girls weekend!
Thankfully Alyx was willing to destroy an extra shirt for the teal hair cause!
Plus who doesn't love freezing in Pacifica CA when it's over 100* back in AZ?! 

We took a trip to South Carolina to visit Andrew's uncle
(whom we affectionately call "Unkie") and aunt and the girls had a blast!
We went over 4th of July so we did a HUGE 
display of fireworks in their front yard
and thanks to their quick thinking of ear protection 
the girls weren't freaked out by it. 
And the biggest thing that happened was Rory starting school!!
This has been a game changer for us because
Rory and I enjoy our time together but we flourish with time apart.
Plus she loves school and her teacher and she's just blossoming.

We threw my mom an epic Harry Potter Birthday Party for her 50th!
I found the most amazing salon in Queen Creek
where I was able to get my hair to be the shade I was dreaming of! 
Jade turned 3 and we took her to Build a Bear and
 had her binki put inside the unicorn she picked!
It was a rough transition for about 2 nights and then she was over it thank goodness.

We took our big family Disneyland trip!
It was such a fun time and we loved it all!
We especially loved seeing the Bowlers cuz it had been years
since Andrew and I had seen my aunt and uncle and 2 of their kids.
(They had 2 more kids since the last time we saw them hahaha)
I also discovered this amazing store in Gilbert called Rod Works
and I fell in love with that clock and the measuring conversions chart 
and HAD to buy them for my kitchen gallery wall!
I mean they fit perfectly don't they?!

October was FULL!
Alyx came to visit again and this time,
she brought the whole family!
We realized that she and I have travelled to visit each other 
BUT our families had never actually met in person!
So the guys had a blast with the kiddos while Alyx and I handled
some photography sessions
(I was assisting, NOT taking!!).
We had a fantastic time playing with all the kids and 
we can't wait til we can do another fun trip altogether!
I talked about the positive part of social media
and the amazing friends I have found.
I celebrated my 29th birthday (Golden Birthday even!)
and we hosted Halloween again
and the womenfolk stayed to hand out candy while 
the amazing, wonderful, dedicated, lovely fathers 
took the children around the neighborhood!


I'm one of those that puts up Christmas as soon as Halloween is over.
It's just who I am.
The girls love it though and the magic of the whole season starts.
My mom and I were able to go to Time Out for Women in Phoenix.
I was part of the volunteer staff at the event 
and it's an experience I'm not likely to forget.
I put a video up here for you that describes my experience 
as I told it on Instagram Stories
(which, if you don't already follow me you really should hahaha 
more things happen on IG than here on the blog!)
It was a very spiritual and fun thing to do and I hope I can do it again this coming year!
Rory had her Primary program right before Thanksgiving,
and we had Pie Night 
(which is a Wilson family tradition the Saturday before Thanksgiving,
to have as much pie as you want so you don't feel jipped on actual Thanksgiving
when you're too full from the other awesome food).
Andrew and I were able to go do sealings at the Mesa Temple after Thanksgiving 
I had my first paid photography sessions, WHAT!
I made Andrew pose for me a bit so I could get my settings right,
he's so handsome! 

When is this month ever NOT busy!?
We celebrated 7 years of marriage,
saw Star Wars before it came out
**which was a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE honor to me**
Stacy and I then took our girls to see it too
cuz we're good moms like that haha
Rory had her first school Christmas concert,
which was just as cute as it sounds!!
And I stole Stacy for a nice night out to hear Jason Lyle Black 
at his final Christmas concert for the year!
It was amazing and Stacy really got him fooled on her 
"Jingle Bell Rock - Super Mario Style"
song request!
It was epic!
That was a lot right at the end of the year there hahaha
How did your 2017 measure up??
And who's ready for a new year!?

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