06 October 2017

Social Media and Righteous Women

More often than not we hear about the
evils of social media, or that there's just more bad than good.

Well I'm here to attest to the absolute goodness
that exists BECAUSE of social media, blogging, and networking.
And no, not for profits 
(though for some that is a huge blessing as well).


I am here to show you some of my dearest friends.
All of them I've met through blogging or social media.
And THEY are the good in the world.


I attended an event recently that talked about the positive force 
of righteous women.
And how powerful we can be.
As women I know we can sometimes be more harsh with ourselves 
and others than needs to be.
A lot of us are self conscious about something or other.
BUT we are also the caretakers,
the peacemakers, 
the fighters,
the drive behind some amazing things.


I have become such a better person 
after getting to know these amazing women (and more) in MY life.
I sat with a few of them at this event recently as we
also talked about the upcoming Light The World campaign for Christmas.
The Savior taught us how to be compassionate,
serving, loving, and above all
to think of others before ourselves.
All of these women have taught me something
that helped these values become a part of me.


These friends of mine have shown me how to become a better
and human being.
There IS some good in social media.
If I hadn't started blogging in 2009 
I never would have met these amazing ladies and learned so much about myself.
I've learned to stand up for things even if they aren't popular.
I've learned to be myself no matter what.
I've learned empathy and compassion
for those who experience different trials than my own.
"The world needs righteous women"
I couldn't agree more and these are some of the most
exemplary ones I know.
"Surround yourself with people who:
Push you.
Challenge you.
Make you laugh.
Make you better.
Make you happy."

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