03 October 2017

Pirates: Dead Men Tell No Tales

I don't know if y'all remember
that I'm a huge Disney fan?
Slipped your mind did it??
Hahaha of course you didn't forget!
Well I had the amazing opportunity to see the newest Pirates movie
(and all its bonus features) before it released!
I had my own little Pirates party while my two girls were at school
(Mommy LOVES Tuesdays and Thursdays)
Now I am a HUGE fan of the original Pirates movie.
As in "Curse of the Black Pearl".
And I'll be honest,
I didn't really like the other 2 afterwards.
So my hopes were kinda low for this one
and I was pleasantly surprised!
This one had humor, suspense, a good plot,
a good "twist" if you will and it wrapped everything in a nice pretty bow
at the end which I LOVE! 

Look at how fun these little trinkets were that I was sent?!
The girls were so excited to play with the jewels and the telescope is a huge favorite.
Plus that Pirates Booty is a HUGE favorite in our house,
my grandpa always keeps a bowl or two at his house of it for the kids
so they affectionately call it "Papacorn"!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales comes out TODAY!
Be sure to grab the blu ray with Digital Copy
so you can watch it on the go anywhere!
Such a great way to end the movie franchise
and now I'm ready to go back to Disneyland and ride Pirates over and over
while I eat my favorite taffy!

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