18 October 2017

Holiday Guide 2017: Makeup Faves

I've gotten a bunch of questions on Instagram about 
my favorite makeup products/toys for kids/books/etc.
So I thought I'd do a gift guide
and try to do it sections.
So I'll do makeup first cuz these would be amazing stocking stuffers
or even for someone that's just starting out in the makeup world
(aka like me hahaha)
First, is my FAVORITE lip product!
This is the best long lasting lipcolor I've found.
LipSense didn't work for me, sadly, but I love this stuff!
I can put it on and when I feel chapped, I can just put chapstick over it
and it stays through basically everything.
Maybelline SuperStay MatteInk
It's around $8 a tube so it's totally affordable and will last forever.
I currently own: Pioneer, Lover (pictured), Dreamer, Romantic,
Heroine, Loyalist, and Creator.
I am a cheapskate guys.
This lip stuff is one of the only things I spend more than $5 on 
and it was only after I tried one and saw how great it was!
(Thank you Influenster - they sent me Pioneer and Lover to try, fell in love!)
The only other thing I've spent more than the $5 is on my Maskcara HAC Pack.
I don't use it every day, but I like having it for pictures,
fancy nights, or just when I feel like doing my full face hahaha
Each tin is $12 BUT if you order 4 tins you get a compacct for free 
and they are AWESOME!
(No I am not an Artist, I just really love the product)
I also bought the 30 Second HAC brush cuz it is the best brush I've ever used!
It's so soft, doesn't fall apart after a few uses,
the glue is not easily watered down by washing them!
I will also give you full transparency:
I hosted a party with my BFF Alyx and got my products at a discount
thanks to the group order and hostess rewards.

Here is a comparison of what each size compact looks like!
The smallest one is the one that comes with the order of 4 tins.
I purchased the mini double decker and after a series of emails
and mistaken shipments I also ended up with the full size double decker compact too.
These are amazing and magnetic so I use the small one for the makeup 
and bobby pins and hairties!
Ok so the next one is the mascara EVERYONE is obsessed with
currently that's under $10.
Now I told you I don't spend more than $5 on things.
I got extremely lucky that this was on Amazon cheaper than any store
AND had a coupon!
I got this for $5!!
I know, incredibly lucky, BUT I will say this:
I personally did not see any difference in length of my lashes
BUT I did notice that I had more coverage on my lashes.
And then finally, here are all of my cheap favorites!
Some I did receive as samples to review,
but I honestly would buy them for this cheap!
There are some affiliate links but also know that Walmart or Target 
may have these on clearance every now and then.
Like the NYC eyeshadow pencils I got cheap at Walmart,
the Wet N Wild highlight from Target clearance for like $3 haha
Also the best place for those glitter singles I've found was at my local Kroger store!
Whoda thunk?!
Stay tuned for the next guide!
Which do you want next?
Kids or adults?

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