31 October 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for the Family

Woo hoo!
Time for more gift ideas!!
 So today I wanted to tackle stocking stuffers!
**post does contain affiliate links** 

Ok so kids:
 So we like to do a variety of things.
And no, our kids don't get all things listed above hahaha
I just wanted to let you guys see different options!
Water bottles are always popular especially here in AZ.
I've found the Thermos ones to be best for ME and my kids 
but a water bottle in general is always a good idea.
We have a tradition that we each get an ornament every year.
Everyone picks their own and it gets added to their box of ornaments.
My parents did this for us growing up and thanks to that 
I didn't have to go buy ornaments after I got married to decorate our little tree!
We also try to give them something "educational".
I LOVE their LeapPads and the games are so affordable and diverse.
You can even purchase games through their website to download straight to the device!



I feel like I may have catered this too much to MY husband/family 
BUT I think you get the ideas hahaha
My husband LOVES cooking so that's why I included a spider (5)
because I know he'd love to have one 
but a grill brush or some other kitchen gadget would work!
Gift cards are always a great idea, and blue tooth speakers are becoming better and better.
I thought that little Superman cord protector was adorable
and super fun (hee hee get it??)



Makeup is always an easy stocking stuffer for us right ladies??
But honestly, she's gonna want something fun not necessarily practical.
Christmas is a time for frivolous gifting.
However, I DO love a good kitchen utensil that's gonna make my first world life even easier!
That baggie holder may seem lame BUT do you know how hard it is to meal prep
frozen dinners and have to hole open the baggie AND pour it in??
Y'all know I love me some Thor (I mean he's really the cutest Avenger out there) 
and the Grinch is always a solid choice for anything holiday related!
Letterboards and Lightboxes are all the rage right now!
An extra set of letters for either of those items (depending on which one she has)
will always be appreciated.

So what else did I miss that would be a great stocking stuffer?
I feel like we barely scratched the surface of holiday gift giving!

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