20 October 2017

Disney Trip!

Guys I just realized I never blogged about our latest
Disneyland trip!
Who even am I now?
Don't worry,
it is now fixed!!
We had so much fun but I will admit that the weather was a real downer when we went.
It was randomly super nasty humid,
we were all sweaty before we even got on the tram people!
BUT it was a lot of fun hanging out with our little family,
my family and even part of my extended Bowler family!

One super highlight of the trip was Rory deciding she wanted to do Jedi Training!
I was one super proud mama!!
When they initially said who was gonna fight whom,
she was in the line to fight The Seventh Sister (from Clone Wars)
but halfway through the lines,
Darth Vader came down so she got to fight the ultimate Sith Lord!
When she saw him walking down her eyes got so big!
But she went up to him and fought him so well!
I definitely teared up a bunch cuz yeah, I'm THAT Star Wars mom hahaha

Immediately after that, Jade begged me for a lightsaber like her sisters,
so she and I went and built her a lightsaber that lights up and makes noise!
Yeah, I only a little regret anything hahaha

We were exhausted by about 7 each night so we would go home a little early
but get to bed and get to decompress a little.

Food highlights:
CAFE ORLEANS will probably always be my favorite hahaha
can't beat that Monte Cristo sammich friends.
The Grey Stuff from Red Rose Taverne is ALLLL of the heart eye emojis!
Redd's Apple Freeze in DCA is amazing!
(honestly, I love the regular frozen apple juice too, but holy cow!)

This trip was one for the books and we loved it so much!!
I'm already planning the next trip whenever we can go again haha
Jade wants to do Jedi Training now too
and Rory's begging to do it again so that's 
a definte must for any kid that likes Star Wars!
Rory'd been begging to go back on Big Thunder Railroad
which is now her favorite ride just like her Daddy.

So who's up for sponsoring another trip for me?? ;)

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