07 September 2017

Birthdays & Fall planning!

You guys,
it's September!
This means it's one month closer to my birthday!
And hopefully some cooler temps PLEASE!
I wanted to share what we did for Jade's birthday this year 
and just kinda what we've been up to!

We took her to Build A Bear to give up her binki for a new "buddy"
(aka stuffed animal, we call them buddies in our house)
And she picked a UNICORN!
Yeah I know, she's from My Little Pony but my kids don't watch the show
so she just knew unicorn!
Also, *I* want to go back and get this one ahhhh! 
(ok and I probably NEED this don't I?!)

After Build A Bear we HAD to stop at the Disney Store or what kind of mother would I be?!

They were super sweet to Jade and even to Rory about her birthday!
They gave a Rory an UNbirthday button
and a bag full of goodies for both of them.

After the Disney Store we took them to Famous Dave's BBQ 
just like we did for Rory's 3rd birthday!
SAdly they don't do the giant ice cream sundaes anymore for birthdays 
BUT she got to sit by her Daddy and Grandpa
(2 of her most favorite people)
and Daddy shared all of his corn with her which made her so happy.

And guys she's done GREAT with letting her binki go!
She cried for a couple nights then when she realized we weren't
giving in nor could we get it back
(it's INSIDE the unicorn)
she relaxed and is fine now hahaha

We're getting into a better school routine
and now Rory is wanting to do everything herself.
And I let her do most things but making her sandwich is still MY job
cuz I don't trust a 5 year old with a knife yet.

I recently got some new juice boxes from Apple & Eve to try with the girls
and they LOVED them!
I'm a member of Influenster and we received these samples
for free which is always amazing
and the kids just loved the flavors!

I've been adding more to my "office/craft room/MY room"
gallery wall!
Unicorn Chalkboard/Lightbox/LED Mickey Ears/4 square prints/large print/square print
/calendar (similar) 
I've been LOVING putting things up on the wall finally!
I have more I'm wanting to display but I need more frames
and I gotta wait for the "redecoration funds" to come haha

And just in case you thought I wasn't busy enough,
here's what my desk looks like pretty much all the time!
And this weekend we're headed "home" to Disneyland and guys I can't WAIT!!!
How have you guys been??
What are your big plans for Fall!?

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