29 September 2017

Mom Hack: At Home Teeth Whitening!

My lovely friends how are you all??
I feel like the days are just flying by am I right?!
Soon it will be the new year and I just can't believe how 
fast it's going!
A couple months ago I was talking to my friend Alyx 
about something via Marco Polo (visual walkie talkie app)
and I was like "EW! My teeth look soooo yellow when I wear red lipstick!"
and I have discovered that I LOVE a bold lip color.
I wasn't too happy about it cuz yellow teeth are gross am I right?
So I was ecstatic when Smile Brilliant contacted me for this post!
*I received product complimentary but all opinions are 100% my own*
They are a teeth whitening company that deals in whitening systems!
They're perfect for us busy moms if I do say so myself!
Whitening sessions themselves can be anywhere from 45 minutes up to 3 hours!
Totally depending on your preference, time schedule,
and teeth sensitivity. 
Now I don't know about you but I absolutely hate going to the dentist.
Like it makes me cringe.
So doing a whitening treatment in my home sounded wonderful,
only one problem -
I'm not a dental professional! 
What if I messed it up??
Guys, this is fool-proof.
They literally send you everything you need with perfectly clear instructions.
Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.
I received my box with the things needed to make my impressions
(I'm sparing you the process pictures cuz NO ONE needs to see that haha)
and it was super fun and painless.
I sent my impressions in and within 2 weeks had my custom trays for my teeth!

I noticed a difference after just 2 sessions!
My teeth were whiter
and weren't staining as easily
(cuz you KNOW I'm not giving my Dr Pepper up no ma'am!)
and it was so simple to do!

 The recommended thing to do is to do it before bed.
Makes sense right?
Don't want to stain too much after doing a session.
However, this doesn't always work out to be the best time.
I did most of mine at night before just like it suggested
BUT I also did a few during the day during naptime
(and currently as I type this post I have them going hahaha).
Soooooo easy!
And each syringe has enough for at least 3-4 sessions each.
Guys this system is so generous in giving you bang for your buck.
I got the sensitive system because even after getting my wisdom teeth pulled,
I experience a little nerve sensitivity and such still.
So I wanted to be extra careful with my whitening techniques!
And I mean LOOK at this before and after!

For a fraction of the cost of a whitening at the dentist!
And I can do it in the comfort of my own home,
in my pajamas while watching Outdaughtered 
or some other form of entertainment when no one is bugging me for something hahaha
And you lucky ducks are in for such a treat!
The amazing team at Smile Brilliant is giving away a system for ONE OF YOU!!
Enter below to win!!
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
And for all of you that want to try this right now
I have a coupon code for you!!
10% off!
Just enter ourhappilyeverafterblog10 when you check out ;) 


20 September 2017

Disney Gear!

Last week we went on our family vacation
to Disneyland,
my favorite place of course,
and I shared most of our adventures on my InstaStories!
If you don't already follow me, 
you really kinda should cuz I'm hilarious haha
I wanted to show you the Disneyland swag we were sporting
while we visited the parks!
First up I painted these shoes to help make the girls' Minnie Disneybounds
(aka, dressing up but not in a costume)
more authentic and look perfect!

Initially I thought I would just buy yellow shoes for them
but to be honest,
kids shoes are so expensive and I was able to make these at a fraction
of what already-yellow shoes would cost. 
I got their dresses from Alyx
who used to do a children's clothing boutique!
The shirts and leggings are from Children's Place!

We also got the AMAZING opportunity to work with 
Magic on Main and we got some super cute stuff!!

The bracelet was ALLLLLL the heart eye emojis guys!
If you're relatively new to the blog,
I had the privilege of working at Disneyland for a year as a college internship
in 2010.
I worked in the stores in Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and ToonTown.
I also was a hat writer for a few months of that time
(writing names on hats was literally the BEST!)
Tomorrowland though is my "homeland"
I was trained and learned the ways of the Force there so it holds a very very special
place in my heart and I rarely see anything celebrating this
spot of Disneyland.
So as soon as I saw that bracelet, I HAD to have it!
The girls were more than excited for their pink princess shirts!
"After all, if you dream a thing more than once it's sure to come true" 
(points if you know which movie that's from!)

I got some other amazing Disney bling from another
shop on Etsy that I fell in love with.
These bracelets are so fun, easy to put on too!
I will say though I somehow lost one of the charms for the Disney Parks themed one
and I was super devastated!
The stroller had gotten knocked over and the bracelets flew off!
Luckily I found them but my one casualty was that charm :(

These ears have been so much fun!!
I ordered these when the owner was still on the team for Fantasy Ears Co
but she has now broken off to do her own shop: Castle Design Co!
She's the sweetest and I have LOVED these!
I got stopped so many times and asked about them!

This shirt was also super popular!
The most I got asked about it was when I was sitting at Red Rose Taverne
eating The Grey Stuff 
(which by the way, IS totally delicious!!).
I got this from Kind Hearts Vinyl and Decals!!
She's so nice (and lives close by thank heavens!)
and it's amazing quality!

Next time you're on the hunt for some good Disney gear,
check out these AMAZING shops!!

07 September 2017

Birthdays & Fall planning!

You guys,
it's September!
This means it's one month closer to my birthday!
And hopefully some cooler temps PLEASE!
I wanted to share what we did for Jade's birthday this year 
and just kinda what we've been up to!

We took her to Build A Bear to give up her binki for a new "buddy"
(aka stuffed animal, we call them buddies in our house)
And she picked a UNICORN!
Yeah I know, she's from My Little Pony but my kids don't watch the show
so she just knew unicorn!
Also, *I* want to go back and get this one ahhhh! 
(ok and I probably NEED this don't I?!)

After Build A Bear we HAD to stop at the Disney Store or what kind of mother would I be?!

They were super sweet to Jade and even to Rory about her birthday!
They gave a Rory an UNbirthday button
and a bag full of goodies for both of them.

After the Disney Store we took them to Famous Dave's BBQ 
just like we did for Rory's 3rd birthday!
SAdly they don't do the giant ice cream sundaes anymore for birthdays 
BUT she got to sit by her Daddy and Grandpa
(2 of her most favorite people)
and Daddy shared all of his corn with her which made her so happy.

And guys she's done GREAT with letting her binki go!
She cried for a couple nights then when she realized we weren't
giving in nor could we get it back
(it's INSIDE the unicorn)
she relaxed and is fine now hahaha

We're getting into a better school routine
and now Rory is wanting to do everything herself.
And I let her do most things but making her sandwich is still MY job
cuz I don't trust a 5 year old with a knife yet.

I recently got some new juice boxes from Apple & Eve to try with the girls
and they LOVED them!
I'm a member of Influenster and we received these samples
for free which is always amazing
and the kids just loved the flavors!

I've been adding more to my "office/craft room/MY room"
gallery wall!
Unicorn Chalkboard/Lightbox/LED Mickey Ears/4 square prints/large print/square print
/calendar (similar) 
I've been LOVING putting things up on the wall finally!
I have more I'm wanting to display but I need more frames
and I gotta wait for the "redecoration funds" to come haha

And just in case you thought I wasn't busy enough,
here's what my desk looks like pretty much all the time!
And this weekend we're headed "home" to Disneyland and guys I can't WAIT!!!
How have you guys been??
What are your big plans for Fall!?