22 August 2017

Mermaid/Unicorn Hair take two!

So after realizing how much I loved having fun hair,
and after it had grown out/faded quite a bit,
I decided to get it refreshed by a professional that knew what she was doing haha
I got so lucky and found Michelle from Shea Madison Salon
right here in Queen Creek AZ!
She was amazing and so sweet and fun.
Best part?
She's been a hair technician for over 17 years,
a color correction teacher for over 4
AND specializes in colored hair,
as in FUN colored hair!
AND she's super affordable.
(also, this is NOT sponsored at all,
I just really want to share with you how awesome she is!) 
Here's my before:
Golly it was bad huh?
We had such a fun time during the whole process
which also only took about 3 hours
(color me shocked!
See what I did there? Punny!)
And after sharing everything on IG stories
(which you should really follow me cuz I'm "hilariously real"
or so I've been told)
Here's my after:

I look like a real mermaid/unicorn/fairy/fantastical creature!
I fall more in love with it everyday.
And I'm going back to her before our Disneyland trip
in a few weeks just to make sure I look as magical as the place I'm visiting!
If you're local to AZ,
Check out Michelle AND the opther amazing ladies in the little studio!
Also, here's after about 3 washes:
 STILL super vibrant and amazing!
(I'm also using my own DIY colored conditioner - 
see my FB page and there's a video!) 

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