26 August 2017

Jadey Loo Who!

I can't believe Jade is 3!
Not to be too cliche, but dang that went fast
(and yet so slow!)

She went from being our squishy girl,
(those CHEEKS!)
to this lean and sturdy little tank!
I need to get her into tumbling soon as possible cuz 
I foresee a gymnastics career in her potential future.

Shes fearless.
And I mean fearless.
Rory was at first but then learned caution,
Jade throws it to the wind hahaha

 She's spunky.
There's a fire inside of her and I pray she never loses it,
although I wouldn't mind if she tamed it just a bit
when talking to ME,
but overall I want her to keep it ;) 

She loves fiercely but also enjoys her space.
Rory being in school has helped her grow so much already.
She can do more independent play
and learn more instead of being told what to do all the time hahaha
She's already thriving in preschool too
thanks to her amazing teacher and her patience level!

She's my little snugglebug when she wants to be.
Everything is done in HER time frame which drives me NUTS!
She and I are trying to work on it together
but apparently she's like her daddy in that way haha

We love our Jadey Loo Who!
Rory loves you so much and misses you a lot at school.
Daddy and I think you're the cutest thing
and we can't wait to see what's in store for you sweetie!
Love Mom <3

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