08 August 2017

Harry Potter Birthday!

  This weekend we had a big party for my mom!
She turned the big 5-0 and 
asked for a Harry Potter party!
Guys, you all know how much we love Disney around these parts,
but you may not know that we're big Harry Potter fans too!
My mom is one of the biggest ;)
SO it started as me, my dad and brothers doing most of the planning,
but my mom is a party planner.
Like she LOVES this stuff and since it was HER party,
she asked if she could help too,
and with our powers combined we made it EPIC!
Brick background here

I made these Chocolate Frog cards for my mom's favors
(there is a back side too but I didn't get a picture of it!

Keys here

The dementor looked way cooler in person.
My dad made it out of tablecloths!
He's super creative and amazing!

Treat table!
Print from here

My dad did these letters by hand 
And even melted wax with a Hogwarts seal on the back!
I mean really!??!

I made a Pensieve!
In place of a guest book,
I made this for people to put in some of their favorite memories
of my mom for her to remember and see how loved she is ;)

My mom made her own Honeydukes candy bar,
we went crazy a couple weeks ago at Goodwill and 
bought a bajillion vases and bottles and such
for potions!
They turned out great!
She had an amazing time and everyone that came loved everything
from the dementor by the treat table,
to the hugely popular butterbeer cupcakes
and now that the party is done,
life can resume it's crazy rampage towards fall. 
All of this Harry Potter stuff was making me long for fall and winter!!

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