26 August 2017

Jadey Loo Who!

I can't believe Jade is 3!
Not to be too cliche, but dang that went fast
(and yet so slow!)

She went from being our squishy girl,
(those CHEEKS!)
to this lean and sturdy little tank!
I need to get her into tumbling soon as possible cuz 
I foresee a gymnastics career in her potential future.

Shes fearless.
And I mean fearless.
Rory was at first but then learned caution,
Jade throws it to the wind hahaha

 She's spunky.
There's a fire inside of her and I pray she never loses it,
although I wouldn't mind if she tamed it just a bit
when talking to ME,
but overall I want her to keep it ;) 

She loves fiercely but also enjoys her space.
Rory being in school has helped her grow so much already.
She can do more independent play
and learn more instead of being told what to do all the time hahaha
She's already thriving in preschool too
thanks to her amazing teacher and her patience level!

She's my little snugglebug when she wants to be.
Everything is done in HER time frame which drives me NUTS!
She and I are trying to work on it together
but apparently she's like her daddy in that way haha

We love our Jadey Loo Who!
Rory loves you so much and misses you a lot at school.
Daddy and I think you're the cutest thing
and we can't wait to see what's in store for you sweetie!
Love Mom <3

22 August 2017

Mermaid/Unicorn Hair take two!

So after realizing how much I loved having fun hair,
and after it had grown out/faded quite a bit,
I decided to get it refreshed by a professional that knew what she was doing haha
I got so lucky and found Michelle from Shea Madison Salon
right here in Queen Creek AZ!
She was amazing and so sweet and fun.
Best part?
She's been a hair technician for over 17 years,
a color correction teacher for over 4
AND specializes in colored hair,
as in FUN colored hair!
AND she's super affordable.
(also, this is NOT sponsored at all,
I just really want to share with you how awesome she is!) 
Here's my before:
Golly it was bad huh?
We had such a fun time during the whole process
which also only took about 3 hours
(color me shocked!
See what I did there? Punny!)
And after sharing everything on IG stories
(which you should really follow me cuz I'm "hilariously real"
or so I've been told)
Here's my after:

I look like a real mermaid/unicorn/fairy/fantastical creature!
I fall more in love with it everyday.
And I'm going back to her before our Disneyland trip
in a few weeks just to make sure I look as magical as the place I'm visiting!
If you're local to AZ,
Check out Michelle AND the opther amazing ladies in the little studio!
Also, here's after about 3 washes:
 STILL super vibrant and amazing!
(I'm also using my own DIY colored conditioner - 
see my FB page and there's a video!) 

16 August 2017

Bookworm Favorites!

I've pretty much been a book nerd my whole life.
 Something about opening a book is just magical.
While it's closed there's worlds to be discovered,
people to meet,
things to learn.
How could anyone resist that kind of adventure??

On Instagram I've been sharing some of my favorites here and there
depending on genre.
(Some do contain affiliate links)

Here are my European Literature favorites:

I honestly have a hard time remembering which book was my first
introduction to classic European lit but I believe it was
The Three Musketeers which is one of absolute favorites.
Jane Eyre is my top favorite but followed very closely by many of them haha
I just love the language,
the stories are original,
and they speak from the past but have lessons to be learned now more than ever.

My WW2/Holocaust collection thus far:
 I am a total history nut. 
I love reading about the past and learning things about people long gone. 
By far my most researched and "favorite" time period is WW2 and the Holocaust.
When I was 8 years old and in the second grade, 
a performing troop came to my elementary school. 
I don't remember the name of the play or even the name of the group 
but the show they put on was all about this time. 
I hadn't heard of it before then, at least not that I remember. 
The show was about Anne Frank and a Nazi Youth living in the war times. 
And I'm telling you, something moved me beyond my thoughts that day. 
And since then I have been collecting books, movies, taking classes all about this time. 
Is it odd that something so monstrous would 
have such an impact on my 8 year old mind?
(Favorite out of this bunch is Book Thief - just trust me)
2 of my favorite fantasy series:
I have too many favorites in the fantasy section of books haha
so I started with the best series (other than Harry Potter cuz DUH!).
My first ever book series when I was a kid was The Unicorn Chronicles
When I started them, there were only 2 books and I was having a really hard time 
adjusting to moving from one city to another 
and not being able to make many (read: ANY) friends.
 Fast forward almost 15 years later, the other 2 finally came out! 
I got extremely lucky and was able to meet Bruce Coville at the school my mom 
was working at one day and he was gracious enough to sign my books I had 
 AND apologized for making me wait until I was a full grown adult 
before he finished the story! πŸ˜‚
It filled my heart with joy which is probably juvenile but I don't care! 
Now do you see why unicorns are so important to me?? πŸ¦„ 
Plus The Last Unicorn was/is one of my favorite movies and 
when I read the book it was even more magical! πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ°
The other series I was introduced to as an adult but it's a YA series of course! 
I read The Goose Girl not knowing it had companion stories that followed! 
But once I knew, you bet I got on the library website and checked them out! 
It's such a clean and thrilling series I have loved 
reading it multiple times over! πŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ‘‘πŸ°πŸ΄
The other series I shared is one that isn't necessarily a favorite
BUT it was a clean, easy read
and was a fun one to get through.
 The Selection Series.
I will say this though it is NOT a straight up 5 book series. 
It's more like a trilogy with 2 extras hahaha BUT 
it was entertaining to escape from reality into a completely 
different view of what the world could turn into 
and just how hard it is to find and fall in love with your soul mate.
Can you also see how much my picture taking skills have come too?
Hahaha I finally found a perfect sweet lighting spot in my house!
I'll plan on sharing more of my book favorites on Instagram
and then on here as well! 

08 August 2017

Harry Potter Birthday!

  This weekend we had a big party for my mom!
She turned the big 5-0 and 
asked for a Harry Potter party!
Guys, you all know how much we love Disney around these parts,
but you may not know that we're big Harry Potter fans too!
My mom is one of the biggest ;)
SO it started as me, my dad and brothers doing most of the planning,
but my mom is a party planner.
Like she LOVES this stuff and since it was HER party,
she asked if she could help too,
and with our powers combined we made it EPIC!
Brick background here

I made these Chocolate Frog cards for my mom's favors
(there is a back side too but I didn't get a picture of it!

Keys here

The dementor looked way cooler in person.
My dad made it out of tablecloths!
He's super creative and amazing!

Treat table!
Print from here

My dad did these letters by hand 
And even melted wax with a Hogwarts seal on the back!
I mean really!??!

I made a Pensieve!
In place of a guest book,
I made this for people to put in some of their favorite memories
of my mom for her to remember and see how loved she is ;)

My mom made her own Honeydukes candy bar,
we went crazy a couple weeks ago at Goodwill and 
bought a bajillion vases and bottles and such
for potions!
They turned out great!
She had an amazing time and everyone that came loved everything
from the dementor by the treat table,
to the hugely popular butterbeer cupcakes
and now that the party is done,
life can resume it's crazy rampage towards fall. 
All of this Harry Potter stuff was making me long for fall and winter!!