10 July 2017

South Carolina Trip

  This past week our family visited Andrew's uncle (Unkie)
who lives in South Carolina and we had a fun time!

We flew into Charlotte and then drove to York
and when we got there we had food and fireworks waiting for us!
After all, it WAS the 4th of July and what kind of Americans
would we be if we didn't have fireworks?!

The girls loved them
(thanks to some handy dandy ear protection)
and we all slept very very soundly that night.

Daddy was feeling pretty adventurous
while on this vacation because he decided to try to play Monopoly with the girls
(insert shocked face emoji).
They liked the idea for about 15 solid minutes then
they got pretty bored hahaha but they finished it more or less!
Andrew also decided to make empanadas and milanesa for dinner
on our last night for Unkie and the family.
Guys he made his own dough!
From scratch!
He hasn't done that since being IN Argentina,
and he won parent of the year by letting the girls roll their own dough.
Guess who's the favorite parent now hahahaha

We had so much fun but we were very happy to get home.
Even though what we came home to was this
(reposting my FB status here hahaha):
"Return home day checklist: forget water bottle in the van. Check. 
Giant poop blowout AFTER checking bags (with the flight boarding soon). Check. 
Giant branch of the tree breaking off in the storm overnight and blocking the driveway. 
Check (friends with chainsaw moved it out of the way for us). 
Have A/C go out 2-3 hours before we get home and getting up to 90 
in the house before getting someone over to repair $450 later? 
Check. Sleep in our own bed after all this? Check and check."

Needless to say,
we're chilling at home now and we're ready for the normal
to kick back in hahaha

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