06 June 2017

Welcome Summer!

We have had quite the fun time the past couple weeks!
We had Andrew home on Memorial Day which was awesome
(especially after having everyone sick the previous week!)

  We had a ward water party this past weekend as a
"Let's get to know each other a bit better" type deal 
after a pretty big change that happened in April.
The kids had a blast and it was a super fun activity and I think it helped us
all feel closer and more like a ward family again.

After the water party I decided to do something a little crazy!
(follow my on IG if you wanna see things faster than I update the blog haha)

  I've been wanting to dye my hair a fun color for years.
It's just something that I've always thought would be fun
(after all, I LOVED my peacock feathers)
and so I went for it!
I used Loreal's Colorista dye for brunettes!
It doesn't require bleach for the color!
(I got mine at WalMart for less than $10!)
Plus this washes out in about 4-8 washes so I decided it was a really good test run!
And I love it!
It turned my hair way darker than I thought it would
but I don't hate it so now I know I like crazy fun colors!
Next time I want to go bolder and more teal ;)

 I've also just barely stepped into the world of makeup,
like for realz this time.
I've worn mascara more of my teen years and some of my adult years haha
I just have always thought it was such a hassle and unnecessary,
and I do still think that sometimes,
however I DO like that it evens out my red spots on my face!
My face has always been flushed but since having kids it's gotten soooo
much worse and quite frankly after using the Maskcara products
for my boudoir shoot in May I've been debating getting it to use for special occasions
or just when I want to feel pretty hahaha
So I got this cute makeup bag which is PERFECT for my tiny needs.
Maybe I'll get more daring or something later but for now,

On Sunday we had dinner with my family 
and after almost everyone else had left,
Uncle Nick decided to give Jade a dance lesson which ended abruptly
once he saw we were recording it!

And the girls and I are enjoying our summer movies together!
I am so glad that this year Jade can come too and she loves 
"go to moviesh!" hahaha
It's been a good start to summer but already I'm dreaming
of cooler weather and school being in session and slightly freaking out!
My baby will be in KINDERGARTEN next month!

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