20 June 2017

More Birthdays!

One thing that's always hard this month
is that Andrew and Rory have birthdays 4 days apart so it's insane!

For Rory's birthday we went out to eat with my parents
at her favorite place, Red Robin
the Saturday before her actual birthday!
Such a simple thing!
We of course had to stop at the Disney Store afterwards though,
cuz what birthday is complete without a Disney visit?!

She was ecstatic to spend the quality time with us
and my parents.
We had a blast and she ended up with some new
pajamas (Star Wars for the win!)
and a couple shirts too!

In case you wondered where these girls get their crazy from hahaha
(Also, Rory took all of these)

Then yesterday,
this girl got to spend some serious quality time with her grandparents' Mills!
They took her to lunch and out to buy clothes for school!
She came home with EVERYTHING she needed for school!
And she's obsessed with all of her new things! 
We had to wash them last night so she could wear some today
and she's dying for school to start ;)

We then had friends over for dinner and cake
and she PASSED OUT within seconds.

I can't believe she's 5!
I feel like it's gone fast,
and yet it has also been only 5 years?!
She's so full of spunk, sass, love, curiosity, smarts, etc.
I can't ewait to see what school does for her cuz I know she's going to 
blossom and grow soooo much!

I love you Aurora Rose!
Thank you for making me a mom!

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