29 June 2017

Bright Hair Dye DIY

This past weekend I was able to escape
again to San Francisco to visit Alyx!
And I tell ya what,
it was so needed for both of us.
It was a break from the heat for me,
and my kids and real life because it's been a little harsh to us lately!
Plus I was able to watch their kidlets 
(and teach them a new game - broom ball hahaha)
while Alyx and Mike went on a long
overdue and much deserved date night away!
It was so much fun!
I helped her "model"
(I use that word EXTREMELY loosely)
some stuff for her boudoir business,
which was fun!
Plus we did something a little bold and crazy:
 Hahahaha IT'S TEAL!!
(sorry it's a weird face, we had finished the session and my face was tired haha)
Just the way I had pictured!
And we did it ourselves,
for - get this - UNDER $50! 
I had a TON of people ask me on Instagram HOW
so I decided to write it out here and then y'all can do it yourself too!
And basically learn from our snaffoos!
She thought about going pink for a hot second
(see?? the color is in her hand and not even permanent!)
 then chickened out,
but I also love how this picture turned out so hahaha
We got all of this from Sally's Beauty Supply
and that's where the links provided will take you!
(this is not a sponsored post, 
I just wanted to share with you
how easy and fun this was!)
Ok here's the breakdown:
I used Tough As Teal and Emerald Queen (1) dyes together
(next time I'll be doing mostly Teal with like a touch of the green)
3 packages of the bleach (2) to get my hair to a 7 on the scale of blonde.
(If I had wanted a lighter color,
like pink I would have needed more/different bleach and toner)
Luckily only needed 1 of number 5 (it's HUGE) because you need 3 oz of developer 
per package of bleach.
Number 4 we only got one because we were using half of each colored dye.
So the normal ratio is one of them per thing of colored dye.
You CAN do the hair without the clips but honestly WHY would you?!
These helped us out sooo much!
I have a crap ton of hair
(both length and thickness)
so they were a lifesaver.
I won't lie though,
we didn't actually buy a brush!
We thought it wouldn't really matter cuz 
we were doing my whole head anyways
but Alyx discovered the brush probably would have 
helped saturate/spread a bit better than her poor hands!
Also, buy at least 2 pairs of gloves!
We only bought one hahaha
.....awk sauce face y'all......

BTW the teal that was already IN my hair turned it a bit green hahaha
BUT it was fine cuz we were already going for that!
(and wet.....hahaha)
The hair masque was definitely necessary after putting my hair throguh all of that!
Honestly though, I didn't use it til Tuesday night
BECAUSE I lost it on Saturday when we did the coloring
(it had fallen under the bed haha kids were playing in there mmmmk?)
and then we fixed the roots,
photoshoot, ate, airport, home.
And a million things happened on Monday and Tuesday 
so Tuesday night I used it whe I showered and my hair feels AMAZING!
And smells sooooo good!
Now I know I could have gone to a salon to get this done
but honestly?
I couldn't afford the $130+ bill
(and no, that's not including tip).
I completely understand WHY they charge so much,
this stuff takes time and patience
and I value their skills,
I just had some play money I had saved up for my trip
so we went for it!
So we apparently hadn't washed out all the bleach like we thought
 SO in the morning we mixed a bit more of the dye with the leftover developer
and the roots took soooo well!
I've basically decided I will never have boring hair again hahaha
Guys, I'm pretty sure I'm having a life crisis.
I'm about to enter my last year of my 20s
and I'm for some reason wrestling with that!
Or maybe just the stigma of 30?
I dunno! 
All I know is I want to always be spunky,
funky, fun and do what I love!
And right now, it's my gorgeous teal mermaid hair!
What bold things have you done lately??

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