16 June 2017

Birthday Shennanigans!

Andrew turned 28 yesterday,
and sweet man that he is,
he wanted to go to Costco for his birthday dinner
so we could also get groceries hahaha
 Such a great guy!
We met up with him there,
did our tiny shopping trip
(like under $100 people, I was so proud!),
had a sample of some kind of fish patty I think it was,
and settled down to eat!
It was incredibly simple,
yet perfect for our little family of 4!
 This is his "then stay in the cart so I can give you some!" face

This may seem like a super silly thing to document
but I felt like we should document the boring mundane
stuff as well as the fun good stuff ;)
This was a mixture of both
plus hello!
Costco pizza and hot dogs (for the others, not me)
are DA BOMB!

Happy Birthday to our favorite guy on the entire planet and in the universe!!
(and it's this crazy girl's birthday on Monday! WHAT!?)

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