10 May 2017

Weekend Fun!

Guys I had an AMAZING weekend with my BFF Alyx here!
Seriously so much fun!
Dinner at Red Robin and a late night Zupas/WalMart run for
chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling cider
for her boudoir sessions the next day.
We got back to the hotel only to realize that our fridge 
so we improvised our own fridge woot!!
The next day we had SO MUCH FUN!
If you have an opportunity to do a boudoir session,
I did not think I would have as much fun as I did,
or feel as awesome as I did!

 Alyx did my makeup with Maskcara
(yes, she's a distributor)
and it looks like myself, just with the volume turned up a bit.
When I got into my outfit
(which was very conservative and super cute thank you very much!)
and saw myself in the mirror I still felt like it wasn't me.
Then Alyx had me do a few poses and she showed me the images on her camera,
and I was SHOCKED!
I looked AMAZING!
She saw my face and said "Yes, that IS you!"
She's already amazing because she's one of my best friends,
but this was just so much more to me than that.
Since doing this shoot,
I have felt so GOOD about myself!
I haven't body shamed myself,
said anything negative about myself,
and that's a HUGE step!
The biggest question I've been getting is
"WHY would you do a shoot like this!?
Isn't it a little scandalous?"
So I answered it in this video.
I truly wish every woman could feel as empowered as I do!
Alyx helped me so much and I loved working with her!
Plus chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling cider is never a bad idea!
Nor is staying up WAY last our bedtimes to chat and eat pizza
and feel like teenagers again!
And no trip to AZ is complete for Alyx without visiting Los Tacquitos!
 I miss her already!
Is it October yet?!!?!?

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