10 April 2017

Farm Field Trip

Last week Rory and her preschool got to go to 
a real life farm that's literally 2 minutes from our house ;) 
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE living out here in San Tan AZ?
I love being this close to local farms but also not having to BE a farmer haha

The girls had a BLAST!
We milked a cow, held baby chicks and baby kittens, picked fruit,
watered the garden, filtered the milk, and ate a snack on the front lawn.
We came home with grapfruits, oranges, lemons, and a couple sweet potaotes!
I felt like a celebrity walking away with so much!

This is Stud Muffin the one and only Bull on the farm!

Look at those itty bitty grapes growing!

These two girlies are one week apart!
And apparently thick as thieves hahaha

Those are grapefruits and oranges people!
(NOT pumpkins like my mother thought!)

A huge thanks to Miss Sue for organinzing this awesome field trip 
and a bigger thanks to Farmer Jen
(aka Sister Palmer)
for letting us invade and pillage about half her farm hahaha

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