05 April 2017

Family Pictures!

So we got our family pictures done a bit early
this year because Andrew's sister is getting married on SATURDAY!!
I can't believe it!
But seeing as we are gonna look dang awesome 
I wanted pictures of us to remember the day as well.
And who's gonna bother the wedding photographer for a family picture?
Yeah NOT me!
All photos by Morgan Rogers Photography

My Dress/R & J dress/Andrew's tie/R & J shoes/My shoes
(my dress altered by Created By Billie)
Morgan was my roommate at Disneyland
(you'll see her in pretty much every Disney post in 2010,
yeah you can go check it!)
and she already took awesome pictures!
Now she's able to do it full time!
And thankfully she's a saint for dealing with my completely stubborn almost 3 year old.
Jade did NOT want to be photographed!
Although I think THIS one is probably my favorite

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