18 April 2017

Disney Inspired Candles!

You guys all know my obsession
with Disney hahaha
Well when Brooklyn posted about these wax melts,
and that they were DISNEY THEMED,
I HAD to jump on that! 
Meet Magical Scents by Alisa!
My mailbox smelled AMAZING when I got the mail that day!
Each of her wax melts are so packed full of smelly goodness!
She sent the cutest little thank you note,
that my children immediately destroyed so there's that *eye roll* 
I had the hardest time deciding which scent to do first!
But I went classic:
Whipped Pineapple in the bedrooms
and When You Wish Upon a Star in the main living area.
It smelled soooooooo good!
I felt like I was walking around Disneyland and 
I didn't have to pay the price of admission to get it! 

They are so good! 
This is just a tiny sampling of the choices in her shop!
Next I want to try her Soarin smell!
I loved Soarin Over California
and I love the new Soaring Across the World
so I want this in my next batch!
I'm currently keeping my "Forces" one in lockup
at the very least til May 4th!
Maybe longer cuz it smelled so good in the case I don't want to use it yet!
Fairytale has been wonderful!
 I've had it in my warmers for over a week and it still smells like it's brand new!
Go check her out!
I love supporting other small shops!

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