27 April 2017

Goings On

I thought I'd just show a few goings on in our house lately.

Most of this you will have already seen on Instagram 
so if you don't already folow along,
I'm hilarious and witty and have super cute kids hahaha

Rory has been REALLY into taking pictures.
Since I got the new camera and have been taking more pictures
myself, she wants to do it too!
"Can I take a picture please mama?"

And I really do try to let her.
It makes me slightly nervous to do it
but I'm right there and she knows she's not allowed to do it without me.
I'm thinking someone is gonna need her own camera 
(1, 2, or 3??) for Christmas.

These are the ones she took.
All I did to edit was make them black and white so you didn't see my red blotchy face.
The rest was all her!
I'm really kinda proud of my almost 5 year old's ability!
She specifically took the last one so she 
"could see where you messed up the paint mom!"
Thanks kid.

Jade has become quite the two year old.
Borderline threenager.
She turns 3 at the end of August!
But I'm still lucky cuz she naps 90% of the time
which I know is unheard of.
She literally fell asleep right next to the door in an attempt to 
make me come in and tuck her back in JUST because 
she decided she needed to be......
As in, she was already tucked into bed.
She got out.
Screamed at us to fix her again
and then passed out on the floor hahahaha
Well I DID put her in her bed but I don't know how long
she was sleeping on the floor before that!

We've also been trying to save some money.
Ya know, adulting sucks and all.
So we've been using Fry's ClickList.
Out here by me, for what we buy, Fry's is the cheapest!
Plus buying online makes it easier to NOT impulse buy
which Andrew loves cuz I'm notorious hahaha
And to help even more?
Alexa made this completely FREE grocery list and menu plan!
Her Etsy is also full of amazing handlettering and gorgeous prints!
(This is completely unsponsored, I just want to share the goodness!!)

The other day, I happened to get up before the girls
so I grabbed my scriptures and read some.
I've been needing to do this more often so I did that morning
and before I knew it,
I had both girls in the room with me asking if they could read too.
So I gave them one of my sets to look at and
we read a few verses.
It was so nice!
I wish the peace had lasted hahaha 
but I was happy that my girls knew that scriptures are important
even when they don't see my struggle to get the time in!

So here's what's been going on around here ;)
How's it going in YOUR neck of the woods??

25 April 2017

April Wedding!

The wedding was so much fun
and honestly such a whirlwind!
And we aren't even the ones that got hitched! 
The girls had so much fun with Aunt Haley and their new Uncle Jason!
They loved him the moment they met him
and they were so excited for them to finally get married.
Here are the pictures *I* took from the wedding,
(my mom took the ones of the kids with my Dad,
I want to give her credit too!!)
by no means are they professional
but I think some of them turned out really well ;)
Thanks to my amazing parents for coming and hanging
out with the kiddos during the ceremony!
(and taking them home early for bedtime hahaha)

Funny story that we will ALL remember about this day:
So Andrew and I were running a smidge late cuz KIDS,
so were like running into the temple
with our recommends out and ready to scan.
We get in there all flushed and out of breath
only to see that our recommends had EXPIRED 8 days ago!
*epic face palm and never gonna hear the end of it from family*
We hadn't even thought about it because we had JUST
gone to the temple so we knew "we were fine".
We're standing in the lobby with one of Jason's SIL's who also had an expired one
(so happy we weren't the only ones)
and the sweetest man alive came out to talk to us.
After about 20 minutes of awkward laughing,
face palming, shame facing among the three of us for this huge misstep,
he came back to let us in ONLY because it was for the wedding.
And it was Andrew's only sister.
Guys, I was so ashamed!
BUT we got our recommends renewed that week so it's all good now!
So moral of the story:

(this one was taken by cousin Ashley but I wanted it here cuz I mean, CUTE!!)

Jason is one of 7 and most of his family was able to come which was awesome!
They are quite a hilarious couple and I can't wait to see where life takes them!

The reception was just a giant dance party,
which if you know Haley is exactly what she's always wanted.
Jason has some pretty big moves as well though,
so he's more her match than we thought hahaha

Yeah....those are my kids followed soon by my MIL during the parent dance!
I was in such shock that I just took pictures instead!
Although I'm pretty sure grandpa and Haley didn't mind at all ;)

We went home exhausted,
happy, and full of cinnamon rolls and doughnuts hahaha
Congrats again Haley and Jason!
We love you!!