23 March 2017


Sometimes I take fun pictures
of them doing super ordinary things.

I'm learning different things about my camera and my children haha
The lens I currently have doesn't have a functioning auto-focus so 
that's why some of them are still blurr!y!
One day I'll get the full hang of it! ;)

17 March 2017

Park Day

Just a little fun from our day at the park last week ;)

I love my little boogers!
Nephew included ;)

08 March 2017

Recipe success!!

Hello all!

How in the heck is it March already!?
Where does the stinking time go!?

Spring is an odd concept here in AZ......
We pretty much have "nice" and "hot" weather.
We don't really get cold,
definitely no snow unless you're up in the high country like Flagstaff
(yes we do actually call it "high country")
But I'm soaking in all the good weather until the heat creeps in!
I make my kids go outside for a few hours every other day or so
(can't do every day because of Jade's eczema)
while I make dinner or read a book or catch up on a show
while I fold laundry.
Monday night we tried a new recipe I found on Pinterest!
It was a pretty big hit and I HAD to share it here! 

Creamy Spinach Tomato Tortellini!
by Bombshell Bling

Guys it was so delicious!
We were all surprised at how much we loved it haha
We are a pasta family but there are always flops 
and knowing this one had spinach in it I was hesitant to even try it.
I knew the kids might not eat it cuz if the green.
Lo and behold, THEY ATE IT!

And to go with the pasta I had some potatoes
that were on the verge.
You know what I mean.....
I cut them in half (or so) and drizzled olive oil,
salt, pepper and rosemary over them.
Tossed it just to coat as much of the pieces as  I could,
and roasted them at 425* for 30 minutes 
(should have been closer to 35-40)

Again, soooo yummmmmmmmy!

Even better, they are Rory approved hahaha

I took these pictures with my brother's T3i
(my Rebel died *sobs*)
that I'm testing out for a week
and then I have to see if I can wrestle my dad for it ;)