28 December 2016

Year in Review!

2016 has been a blur.
Lots of ups and downs.
Lots of trips and revelations about myself.
Here's a breakdown of the year:
 I realized I needed to find balance between mothering and being me.
I then realized I wanted to change my body image as well,
I was tired of how I looked and wanted it to get better.
I went to Disneyland with my parents and we took a really fun tour all about Walt Disney
and the legacy of Disneyland. 
We bought our van as well!

We went on our first Disney trip of the year as a family!
We had such a blast and loved spending time together.

Andrew and I had our date to Beauty and the Beast!
It was so much fun and we enjoyed being without the kiddos for a night.

I did a few posts about my favorite place:
101, Disneyland and DCA eats, Entertainment, and Tips and Tricks.
My mom and I ran to Disneyland for a day to hang out
with Alyx and her family just for fun!
 I 'fessed up about my PPD and anxiety.
Still something I deal with most days but it's gotten better.
I felt that if I brought it up in a safe place,
maybe it would help someone else who was maybe having troubles too and didn't know it.

Rory turned 4!
How in the heck did that happen?!
It's going by so fast and yet I'm loving watching her grow up.
I love seeing her explore and discover the world
and I can't wait til she gets to go to kindergarten next year.
Andrew turned 27 as well.

Andrew and I got a weekend away to ourselves.
This year was a year we discovered that
we HAD to take time for each other. 
There are so many things that happen TO us,
we needed us to be as strong as possible for each other.

I went to San Fransisco to visit Alyx.
I had such a blast and I can't wait to go back and help my BFF.
Our friendship has been one that I know I could NOT have gotten through
most of this year without. 
She's one of the biggest blessings of blogging I can attest to.
We met through blogging and my life has been so blessed to become her friend
in real life.
 Jade turned 2!
Again, the time goes so fast but again, 
it's been so fun to hear her learn to speak up for herself.
She's grown into the complete opposite in personality of her sister.
She's just as friendly, but even more so.
AKA NO stranger danger with this girl hahaha
she makes friends with everyone everywhere we go.
She asks everyone their name,
"what you doing here?!"
Terrible twos however are also in full swing
*eye roll*

September and October flew by and I painted our bedroom!
Andrew took a business trip,
he and I had another little weekend getaway,
we had the trunk or treat and the kids loved trick or treating!
I turned 28.

 We took another quick trip to Disneyland as a family!
The girls loved seeing the Christmas decorations,
we got to hang out with my parents in the happiest place.
The girls loved having fun and seeing all the characters.
I think that was the beginning of many more trips in the future.
Andrew and I also went to the Phoenix Symphony
for a Legend of Zelda show!
He was in heaven and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

 Andrew and I took one last trip as Annual Passholders.
It was such a bittersweet trip
but we had a blast and loved spending time together. 
I got my Disneyland Candy Cane,
we ate amazing food and we enjoyed ourselves to the utmost.

But I'm also more than ready to put this year behind me.
There's been a LOT of crappy things that have happened
that I'm ready to forget as soon as possible.
So out with 2016 and onto a new year!!

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