11 November 2016


  I was so excited when I was contacted by
I had heard of them from other blog friends 
and I was super stoked to work with them for myself!
** This post was sponsored by UncommonGoods.com
but all opinions are 100% my own** 
I looked them up as soon as I read the email so I could explore,
and I found so many amazing pieces!
Gifts for men
  Gifts for women
Anniversary things for those of us that forget! 
They partner with artisans and makers of all kinds to connect them with buyers like me
that love some quirky pieces ;)
They are also sustainable for the environment,
and they work with their artists and organizations to make this world better by donating
$1 from every order made to the organization of your choice.
Plus each shipment is using recyclable materials as much as possible.
I mean, who doesn't want the planet to be a little better?
 These guys are making it happen one order and item at a time!
I fell in love with this vase
and quickly made plans for what to do with it!
To be honest I love that toilet paper holder as well
and I think it needs to go on my Christmas list!

When I received it, it was even prettier than the picture!
In fact, it was so fast in getting here that I still haven't bee able to get anything
to put in it at the top hahaha
But it makes a really nice statement on my nightstand
(even up against my Tinkerbell lamp from when I was 14 hahaha)
I'm debating getting Andrew the white one for his nightstand too.
Andrew has always wanted a cast iron skillet.
It's been one of his biggest requests for our kitchen
cuz you ALL know he's the cook in the house hahaha
so I found this beauty
and he loved it!
When it arrived to us however, it had been chipped in the shipping which bummed him out.
He had been looking forward to using it right away.
So I got on my email and emailed their customer service about what we could do,
within 15 minutes I had received an answer from a PERSON
asking a few more questions
and offered a solution!
Within an hour, we had placed an order for a replacement
and they sent me a label prepaid to return the chipped one to them!
Guys, within an HOUR
I had been customer serviced to the max!
And this was on email,
I can't even imagine how fast they probably are on the phone.
I was incredibly impressed with how fast they were
and how nice they were!
Usually companies make you go through a whole long loopy process
to exchange or return something,
but this was simple and painless and I enjoyed it.

And Andrew is one happy chef in his kitchen now!
I also snagged one of these awesome snack containers!
I should have grabbed 2 and might go back for more soon
because they are perfect for the girls to keep their snacks in! 
Overall, I ADORED the experience with the amazing people at UncommonGoods.com!
They have truly unique gifts for everyone on your Christmas list,
and I look forward to shopping more with them!

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