03 November 2016


October flew by as fast as September did!
Holy cow!
We had lots going on and I only documented about half of it,
but the half I did document will be here!!
Andrew had to go on a business trip for almost a week
and while he was gone I HAD to keep my mind off it 
so I painted my bedroom wall!
I'd been meaning to for years (bought the paint when I was pregnant with Jade)
and figured this was the perfect time to do it!

 Andrew hates painting so I figured I'd get it all done while he was gone
cuz then I wouldn't have to take away from OUR time to do it.
Next on the #alidecoratesbetter list is finishing our gallery wall
opposite of this one
and getting our temple picture on this wall!
I have one picked out that I absolutely love!
See it here 
(I'm going to be getting it in either a 20X30 or the 24X36 one haha)
Plus I want new curtains and a new bedspread (or this one) at some point too,
Ooooo and maybe some wall lamps instead of the desk ones on our nightstands haha
 After Andrew's week away,
he and I were able to sneak away for a weekend sans kiddos!
Thanks Uncle Trevor for keeping the monsters for us!
We had a blast hangin in the hotel room with the AC down as low as possible
(yay for not having to worry about the energy costs hahaha) 
and we ate our fill of junk food 
and talked and just enjoyed not having to be parents for a couple days.
It was awesome!

 We had the tummy bug from h-e-double-hockey-sticks for about 2 weeks
and it was horrible! 
Thankfully not nearly as bad as the beginning of the year was for us
but it was still pretty miserable for me and the girls.
Luckily we got over it all by my birthday/Trunk or Treat cuz those girls were chomping at the bit
to get candy and dress up hahaha

My parents surprised me with a lemon cake on my birthday
which was an awesome way to start the day!
Cake for breakfast? 
Heck yes!

We spent Halloween getting ready for our friends to come over for dinner!
My dad graciously agreed to make fire chicken for all of us!
I LOVE this stuff!
My dad learned how to make this while on his mission in South Korea
and it's literally the only spicy thing I drool over and want over and over again!
It's NOT a meal for the dainty and well-mannered haha
case and point, this video:

Yes ma'am!
I shoved that whole thing in my mouth and only a few things of rice escaped!
You eat it kinda like a lettuce wrap
and extra brownie points if you can get it all in at once haha
After dinner all the dads took the kiddos trick or treating while we moms
stayed out on my driveway and handed out candy ;)
It was an awesome night full of laughs and friends
and I couldn't be more grateful for them in our lives!

The girls have been just as funny as ever.
They love to love and fight each other.
Its kinda a never ending battle with them.
Jade's hair remains as epic as ever hahaha
I took that picture on my iPhone 7 and used SnapSeed to edit it
because, come on!
That hair HAD to be documented!

And thus ended October,
and I started November off just right
(if you follow me on IG you've already seen this but too bad!!)

It's holiday time y'all!!

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