22 November 2016

Disneyland Weekend!

Guys we had a whirlwind of a weekend!
We decided about a month ago 
to do another trip to Disneyland.
It started as just being me and my parents
(since we have passes and such)
then my mom and i both were like
"But it's Christmastime at Disneyland........the girls should see it!"
SO it evolved into a one day one park adventure with the 4 of us and
grandma and grandpa!
To say we had fun would be an understatement!
The girls had no idea we were going until Friday night
when we went to grandma and grandpa's house to caravan there.
Rory's face when she realized where we were going was priceless!

Yes me and my mother sound exactly the same,
it's thing hahaha

We rode on so many rides and saw characters,
watched the Christmas parade which I had never seen,
SUPER cute!
Little bit long but cute overall!

Minnie was the only "fuzzy" character Jade went up to.
Which is progress from last trip where they ALL scared her hahaha
I was sad though because she kept asking to see Mickey and Goofy
whom we saw but she had run away from them so sad day!

Jade was really tired around 12 that afternoon,
I mean she's still napping most days
so after fighting for awhile
and snuggling me,
Grandpa pushed her around in the stroller for about 30 seconds 
before she passed out completely.
Without a binki even!
It was a miracle and she slept until the parade started which worked out nicely
for me cuz I got to sit that whole time hahaha

We enjoyed our day and the girls lasted a whole 12 hours at the park!
I was so proud of them!
We went back to the hotel a bit early and we slept like logs hahaha
I was so grateful for this time with my little family and my parents.
Sometimes it's necessary to take a day away from the crazy and just go have fun
and Disneyland is always our go-to place for fun!

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