30 November 2016

Mamas and Passions

I've had something on my mind a lot lately.
Ok let's be real, I always have a ton of things on my mind hahaha
it's part of my DNA to over think and go a million directions at once.
But the other day I was noticing how many mothers on my FB feed,
including myself,
were talking about how much they do for their kids. 

And I thought to myself 
"Holy crap, EVERYTHING on my social media is about kids!!"
And it was true.
The ads on the sides: children's clothing and toys,
status updates/photos were of children playing in snow or toys,
emails were full of sales for kid items.
"When did everything in my enitre existence become only about my kids?"

Now, go with me on this.
I LOVE being a mother to my girls.
It's all I've ever wanted.
I love being there for them all the time and such.


I do NOT want to only be remembered as a "just my mom".
I don't want to be remembered as someone who 
sacrificed everything for her kids.
Most things, absolutely!
But "everything" suddenly seemed like a mighty high price to pay 
to be a parent.

Now I don't mean this in the material sense.
I will always sacrifice for them to have food, shelter, clothing, etc.
Sacrifices like that are mandatory for parenthood and that's
more than ok with me. 
I'm talking in our emotional/spiritual needs
I, personally, don't really want to be painted as a "martyr".
I don't want the kids' stories to only talk about how I stayed home
all the time so they could go play or do activities,
or be in the kitchen the whole night when there's a party happening,
to up at the crack of dawn baking bread so 
my kids feel loved with a homemade breakfast every day
(bah! Yeah right, I'd never get up that early hahaha),
or to only and always be in the background.

I know I always WILL be in the background of their lives, 
that's where I should be,
but not as part of the wallpaper.
I want them to remember me as someone that does things she likes to do.
See me and their Dad go out together to show them 
how important marriage is.
See me find and explore passions and dreams.
See me DO something with my life.
Without the guilt of doing something with it.

Do I know what that something is yet? No.
Do I feel selfish for feeling like I don't want to only be
"the mom" to my girls? Yes.
Will I still sacrifice things for them? Of course.
However, I won't sacrifice myself in the process.
I just can't do that anymore.
I want my girls to grow up knowing that being a parent is amazing!
That having kids is such a wonderful blessing,
and one that does require sacrifice.
But I want them to see that it doesn't require them to 
sacrifice themselves completely to do it. 
Still be that spunky kooky girl that loves unicorns!
Or that girl that loves to eat all kinds of different foods!
The one that reads books with passion!
The one that loves to be active and independent!
The girl who loves movies and popcorn!
Parenting is a blessing and I want them to know that,
as well as know that you CAN have it both ways.
Maybe not always the same way or all at the same time,
but we are allowed to be ourselves AND a mother.
It really is possible.


Now I just gotta find my dream and go for it!

What are your passions and things you do for YOU?

22 November 2016

Disneyland Weekend!

Guys we had a whirlwind of a weekend!
We decided about a month ago 
to do another trip to Disneyland.
It started as just being me and my parents
(since we have passes and such)
then my mom and i both were like
"But it's Christmastime at Disneyland........the girls should see it!"
SO it evolved into a one day one park adventure with the 4 of us and
grandma and grandpa!
To say we had fun would be an understatement!
The girls had no idea we were going until Friday night
when we went to grandma and grandpa's house to caravan there.
Rory's face when she realized where we were going was priceless!

Yes me and my mother sound exactly the same,
it's thing hahaha

We rode on so many rides and saw characters,
watched the Christmas parade which I had never seen,
SUPER cute!
Little bit long but cute overall!

Minnie was the only "fuzzy" character Jade went up to.
Which is progress from last trip where they ALL scared her hahaha
I was sad though because she kept asking to see Mickey and Goofy
whom we saw but she had run away from them so sad day!

Jade was really tired around 12 that afternoon,
I mean she's still napping most days
so after fighting for awhile
and snuggling me,
Grandpa pushed her around in the stroller for about 30 seconds 
before she passed out completely.
Without a binki even!
It was a miracle and she slept until the parade started which worked out nicely
for me cuz I got to sit that whole time hahaha

We enjoyed our day and the girls lasted a whole 12 hours at the park!
I was so proud of them!
We went back to the hotel a bit early and we slept like logs hahaha
I was so grateful for this time with my little family and my parents.
Sometimes it's necessary to take a day away from the crazy and just go have fun
and Disneyland is always our go-to place for fun!

11 November 2016


  I was so excited when I was contacted by
I had heard of them from other blog friends 
and I was super stoked to work with them for myself!
** This post was sponsored by UncommonGoods.com
but all opinions are 100% my own** 
I looked them up as soon as I read the email so I could explore,
and I found so many amazing pieces!
Gifts for men
  Gifts for women
Anniversary things for those of us that forget! 
They partner with artisans and makers of all kinds to connect them with buyers like me
that love some quirky pieces ;)
They are also sustainable for the environment,
and they work with their artists and organizations to make this world better by donating
$1 from every order made to the organization of your choice.
Plus each shipment is using recyclable materials as much as possible.
I mean, who doesn't want the planet to be a little better?
 These guys are making it happen one order and item at a time!
I fell in love with this vase
and quickly made plans for what to do with it!
To be honest I love that toilet paper holder as well
and I think it needs to go on my Christmas list!

When I received it, it was even prettier than the picture!
In fact, it was so fast in getting here that I still haven't bee able to get anything
to put in it at the top hahaha
But it makes a really nice statement on my nightstand
(even up against my Tinkerbell lamp from when I was 14 hahaha)
I'm debating getting Andrew the white one for his nightstand too.
Andrew has always wanted a cast iron skillet.
It's been one of his biggest requests for our kitchen
cuz you ALL know he's the cook in the house hahaha
so I found this beauty
and he loved it!
When it arrived to us however, it had been chipped in the shipping which bummed him out.
He had been looking forward to using it right away.
So I got on my email and emailed their customer service about what we could do,
within 15 minutes I had received an answer from a PERSON
asking a few more questions
and offered a solution!
Within an hour, we had placed an order for a replacement
and they sent me a label prepaid to return the chipped one to them!
Guys, within an HOUR
I had been customer serviced to the max!
And this was on email,
I can't even imagine how fast they probably are on the phone.
I was incredibly impressed with how fast they were
and how nice they were!
Usually companies make you go through a whole long loopy process
to exchange or return something,
but this was simple and painless and I enjoyed it.

And Andrew is one happy chef in his kitchen now!
I also snagged one of these awesome snack containers!
I should have grabbed 2 and might go back for more soon
because they are perfect for the girls to keep their snacks in! 
Overall, I ADORED the experience with the amazing people at UncommonGoods.com!
They have truly unique gifts for everyone on your Christmas list,
and I look forward to shopping more with them!

03 November 2016


October flew by as fast as September did!
Holy cow!
We had lots going on and I only documented about half of it,
but the half I did document will be here!!
Andrew had to go on a business trip for almost a week
and while he was gone I HAD to keep my mind off it 
so I painted my bedroom wall!
I'd been meaning to for years (bought the paint when I was pregnant with Jade)
and figured this was the perfect time to do it!

 Andrew hates painting so I figured I'd get it all done while he was gone
cuz then I wouldn't have to take away from OUR time to do it.
Next on the #alidecoratesbetter list is finishing our gallery wall
opposite of this one
and getting our temple picture on this wall!
I have one picked out that I absolutely love!
See it here 
(I'm going to be getting it in either a 20X30 or the 24X36 one haha)
Plus I want new curtains and a new bedspread (or this one) at some point too,
Ooooo and maybe some wall lamps instead of the desk ones on our nightstands haha
 After Andrew's week away,
he and I were able to sneak away for a weekend sans kiddos!
Thanks Uncle Trevor for keeping the monsters for us!
We had a blast hangin in the hotel room with the AC down as low as possible
(yay for not having to worry about the energy costs hahaha) 
and we ate our fill of junk food 
and talked and just enjoyed not having to be parents for a couple days.
It was awesome!

 We had the tummy bug from h-e-double-hockey-sticks for about 2 weeks
and it was horrible! 
Thankfully not nearly as bad as the beginning of the year was for us
but it was still pretty miserable for me and the girls.
Luckily we got over it all by my birthday/Trunk or Treat cuz those girls were chomping at the bit
to get candy and dress up hahaha

My parents surprised me with a lemon cake on my birthday
which was an awesome way to start the day!
Cake for breakfast? 
Heck yes!

We spent Halloween getting ready for our friends to come over for dinner!
My dad graciously agreed to make fire chicken for all of us!
I LOVE this stuff!
My dad learned how to make this while on his mission in South Korea
and it's literally the only spicy thing I drool over and want over and over again!
It's NOT a meal for the dainty and well-mannered haha
case and point, this video:

Yes ma'am!
I shoved that whole thing in my mouth and only a few things of rice escaped!
You eat it kinda like a lettuce wrap
and extra brownie points if you can get it all in at once haha
After dinner all the dads took the kiddos trick or treating while we moms
stayed out on my driveway and handed out candy ;)
It was an awesome night full of laughs and friends
and I couldn't be more grateful for them in our lives!

The girls have been just as funny as ever.
They love to love and fight each other.
Its kinda a never ending battle with them.
Jade's hair remains as epic as ever hahaha
I took that picture on my iPhone 7 and used SnapSeed to edit it
because, come on!
That hair HAD to be documented!

And thus ended October,
and I started November off just right
(if you follow me on IG you've already seen this but too bad!!)

It's holiday time y'all!!