12 September 2016


Lately it seems
more and more often marriage is being discussed in some way or another.
Our lessons in church have been about marriages,
things on the news,
and social media make it more prevalent.
And since it's been on my mind so much I wanted to write about it here.
Most of you know our story.
If not, go ahead and click on "Our Love Story" and go from there ;)
Most of you have known me for years or been following me 
since I started this in 2009.
For which I say thank you for sticking with me through 
the weird and the tough haha

It's such a small word for what it truly entails.
There's so much that comes with marrying someone.
You are promising to take another person to be yours forever.
Not just for the good times,
but for the bad times too.
Not just for their appearance,
but for their spirit and personality.
Not just them either,
but their whole family as well.
You are promising to be there for that person no matter what.
Sure the words are easy to say,
but are they easy to live?
Not always.

Andrew and I have had rough patches.
Every couple does.
We've only ever had one full out fight,
when he proposed, but we've had plenty of disagreements
and discussions.
The most important part of disagreements,
to me at least,
is to listen.
Listen and not just hear.
And after you listen,
respond appropriately.
Hear the problem and try to fix it.
Andrew and I fix our rough patches by spending 
more and more time together.

Yesterday in our lesson a lady said something
that funnily enough Andrew and I say to each other ALL THE TIME
"Before you guys came, it was just he and I".
In reference to having kids of course.
Sometimes we get so caught up being our kids mothers/fathers that we
forget we were a couple before those precious babies came.
And while we of course adore them,
we HAVE to make time with each other or 
I won't recognize him when the kids are gone and it's just us again.
I don't want it to be a stranger sitting next to me.
I want to make sure I make the time for him.
And he for me.

Marriage is an amazing thing.
Some are made of completely opposite people,
some are so similar it's hard to see two people and not one,
some are so in sync they don't need words,
some require words and communication to be understood.
No one marriage is the perfect way to do it.
Andrew and I have found that if we are able to take little trips 
without the kids throughout the year, it makes us better.
Lucky for us we have amazing family that's willing to watch them for us.
Some couples can't do that.
And sometimes we can't get away for a weekend either,
so we've become somewhat awesome at stay-at-home dates.

Once the kids are in bed,
the night is ours.
We can snuggle and watch a show,
make our own dinner (and eat it all at once!),
play a game,
just talk and chat,
do some housework together, etc.
Housework is not one of Andrew's favorites either but if 
I make his favorite banana bread, he's much more willing ;)

I can literally say I married my best friend.
There's no one else that knows my heart as well as he does.
(though my mom is a very close 2nd haha)
He is my teammate and partner.
I can't do this without him, 
nor he without me.
Marriage is so precious and sacred to me.
We got married in the temple which means that we are sealed beyond the grave.
How could this not be forever?!
It has to be!
And how great is that joy in knowing when we die,
Andrew and I are not separated.
We're away from each other physically but 
we are sealed to one another.
Nothing can ever break that and for that I am extremely grateful.
I strive everyday to be worthy of that eternal promise we made to each other.
I love my husband and our marriage together.
It's not always a walk in the park,
but I do know that with Andrew at my side,
everything is possible.

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