01 September 2016


August brought so many things for us as a family.

Right at the beginning of the month Andrew got in a little fender-bender,
but it did leave us without a car for a few days until we got our rental figured out.
And after about 3 weeks we finally got our car back all good as new haha

Poor Andrew took it really hard that it happened to him.
He was so angry at himself it was hard to watch.
Luckily he got over it and was back to normal soon after wards.

Rory started preschool the same week!
Guys, school has been a literal lifechanger.
While a lot of her attitude remains mostly the same,
it's been better for have a break from her 3 times a week.
It's been awesome and I get 2 1/2 hours to myself which has saved my sanity.

We spent tons of time with family.
Visiting Daddy at work is always a favorite for the girls.
They also love playing with their cousin and uncle.

 We celebrated Jade's birthday with a very small,
very laid back "party" for her at our house.
Basically we had snacky food and room for kids to run around in hahaha
After all, she's only 2 so I didn't think a huge party was necessary,
and all she ever wants to do is eat and play ;)
We did theme it Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
since that is her favorite show of like all time. 
My mom made all of the Mickey decorations all by herself which is amazing!

I've also been doing some redecorating in our house.
Our master bedroom is in major need of a face lift,
so I started it plus I've had a Disney shelf that was made for me
for Christmas and I finally was able to paint it!

And last night we had a family date night out at our new Cafe Rio
that opened literally yesterday!
Plus we went and got ice cream at Baskin Robbins since it was $1.31 a scoop!
Coupons for BOGO burrito or salad plus cheap ice cream!?
I think the girls agreed!

I've also found the cutest little bakers in the entire world here ;)
They love to help me in the kitchen.
SO come get me September!
I'm ready for some fall fun and hopefully the weather will
soon cooperate with what I want to do!

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