03 August 2016

Weekend Getaway!

Holy August!
July literally flew by me and I didn't see it much haha
This month has a ton of birthdays in it just like June
and lots of new things happening around here in the Mills house.

But for now, I want to go back a couple weeks and talk about me and Andrew
 escaping for a weekend without the kids.

My sweet SIL Haley offered to watch the kids for us for a weekend as 
our Christmas present this year while she's in town for the summer.
She's a law student at San Diego State so we get really excited 
when she's able to come home for a while to hang out!
So we got a hotel in Scottsdale for a little staycation.

The girls were so excited for Aunt Haley to come stay with them
All day they begged me to let her come early,
and kept pestering me with
"Is she here yet? Is it time yet?
Where's Aunt Haley?!"
Clearly someone is a favorite ;)

So we left them in good hands and went to find dinner.
Now me and Andrew,
when we vacation
either at home or in another state,
food is pretty much what we do.
We're both foodies and love finding new palces to eat
and atmospheres to enjoy.

So we ended up at Republica Empanada
Friday night for dinner because Andrew wanted to try the empanadas.
He hasn't had one made by someone else since he was in Argentina
And we are definite fans of it!
Although, we do have to say that it was kinda expensive for 
a small amount of food
and we were hungry within like an hour of finishing haha
So we grabbed Jimmy Johns on the way to the hotel
to eat while we watched TV and cranked the AC down really low :)
The AC was probably the best part cuz we didn't have to worry 
about the electric bill for the room since we'd already paid for it!

The next morning we saw Star Trek Beyond
which was surprisingly original!
I wasn't expecting it to NOT be a redo of another movie.
We thoroughly enjoyed it.
Then we ate at DeFalco's in Tempe!
It's an Italian deli that was featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives!
I've now been to 2 of these places and plan on visiting so many more!

After being stuffed til about 9 that night, we decided we should probably look
for a dinner spot.
Our hotel was situated literally across the major street of Old Towne Scottsdale
and after driving through there for a bit and seeing the lines, we ended up
at Lolo's Chicken and Waffles which neither of us had been to before.

He got the normal chicken and waffles but I opted for pancakes cuz the thought of
chicken with waffles doesn't excite or thrill me at all haha
I did try it though but still wasn't impressed by it.
We saw Ghostbusters on Sunday
(we were on vacation everyone!!)
and it was still hilarious the second time!
We ate linner at The Perfect Pear in Tempe
which had delicious mac n cheese with bacon!
Oh my gosh guys, my mouth is watering just thinking about it
Sunday evening we met up with family at a potluck and got our girls back ;)
They were happy to see us but sad that Haley wasn't coming home again.
Clearly they had tons of fun with her cuz they both slept in til almost 9
on Monday!

The weekend away so awesome and needed.
Andrew and I have discovered in the last couple months that we 
need to take more time together just the two of us.
I don't mean just an occasional date night out
(though those are really nice when they can happen)
but really, after the kids are in bed,
that's the time we need to be together and reconnect.
When we're able to get away like this every so often it's amazing to remember
how it was before the kids came.
How much we love each other,
how much stronger it has become since the beginning.
 After Rory was born,
we had a disconnect that I wasn't ok with.
I've talked about it before,
but we resented each other and took anger out when it wasn't necessary.
Most of that was because we were new parents and 
had NO idea what the heck we were doing.
But we each expected the other to figure things out without ever talking it through.
We were supposed to be mind readers and we're just not sometimes.
We figured things out about 4 months after she was born,
but it was a rough 4 months before we realized that we weren't spending
any time together.

We have tried so hard to be better.
After Jade was born,
we did dates out but often would have to come home 
because she was screaming
and the babysitters were flabbergasted.
Jade was colicky.
She slept amazing though which shocked me for a colicky thing.
But even through all the depression and setbacks,
Andrew and I have always tried to make time for each other.

Now that our kids are old enough to not be complete pains usually,
it's been so nice to spend serious time together.
7-8 is when the kids go to bed and then the night is ours.
We talk, we watch TV, we laugh,
I cry (he doesn't know how to cry I think) sometimes,
we read our scriptures and pray together.
I'm not saying we're perfect but 
after some other things have gone on in the world lately,
we knew we needed to become closer,
more united,
stronger together.

And this weekend away helped solidify that.
I still get butterflies when he smiles at me.
My knees get weak when he compliments me even when I'm
wearing my pajamas at 5:30 in the evening.
He never leaves in the morning without kissing me goodbye,
I hug him as soon as he walks through the door coming home.
He's my happy place and it was amazing to get away and remember that  ;)

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