18 August 2016

IDK, my BFF Alyx?

For those that follow me on IG and Snap Chat,
 you now get to hear all about San Fransisco in detail!

I was so excited to go visit!
I had never been to San Fransisco and I was looking forward to cooler weather.
Guys, I was wearing a sweatshirt
It was glorious ;)

We did Chinatown, Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf 
(which all 3 of us adults basically barfed through,
hate fish.....and the smell....)
and Ghiradelli Square!
My legs are still a bit sore hahaha

I brought some homemade fortune cookie rounds home with me
and they were a big success here ;)
Alyx sells LipSense so I tried it for the first time and while I love the concept,
I just don't wear enough makeup
(aka any)
to use it often enough ;)

When I got my tickets booked to go out there,
I immediately texted Mike
and told him that while I was there, to plan a date night for the two of them.
They haven't been out on a date since moving there and it's so important to 
spend quality time together away from kids.
So he and I planned this all without her knowing and it was a good night for all I think ;)
I mean, HELLO, does she not look amazing!?
The kids and I made cupcakes and had mac n cheese for dinner
and I got them hooked on Hotel Transylvania 2

I had to leave super early on Sunday morning to fly home 
which Alyx and I were both bummed about.
It was so much fun and as we drove to the airport we crossed the Bay Bridge 
and lemme tell you, fog is a beautiful thing to me.
It made everything look so dreamy and that's probably why 
I took so many pictures of it haha

SO now I need to plan another visit out there and take Rory at least with me.
She and Elsie would definitely hit it off hahaha

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