26 August 2016

Dear Jade

Dear Jade,
How can it already be 2 years since you came into our world?!
You have brought such a light to our lives.

You came into this world on your own terms.
Yes ma'am you did.
I was scheduled for induction at 5:30 AM on the 26th and instead you decided
to wake me up with active labor at 1:30 AM.
You were born at 10:11 AM.
You were perfect.
You didn't cry at first and those seconds felt like lifetimes,
but then you made yourself known with all the 
enthusiam you've kept your whole life thus far.

Your big sister adores you.
Even when you vex her, she always wants to be near you,
helping you and there with loves for you.

Your personality is so fiery.
You are independent, a spitfire, so loving and so goofy!
You constantly giving me the cheesy face
and giving loves to me and your Daddy and sister.
You love to laugh and giggle,
so much so that you've even got your own fake laugh to use 
whenever you just want attention.
Think you learned that from Rory ;) 
Even when you cry or complain,
your Dad and I can't help but giggle sometimes 
cuz your face is just too dang adorable!

My darling Jade,
I want you to always remember how loved you are!
You are loved by me and your Dad and sister more than anything.
You have family that would do anything for you.
Your grandparents, great grandparents and aunt and uncles all adore you.
You are a daughter of the Almighty God.
Do you understand that?
Probably not right now,
but as you grow and mature and learn
you will see His loving hand in your life.
I know you will do great things with your life and 
I cannot wait to see what they are
my little Jadey Loo Who.
Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl!

Love, Mom

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