20 July 2016

Summer Haps

  You guys, I can't belive July is halfway over!
Ok more than halfway,
but gosh darn it it's flying by!
  We haven't been up to much and yet I feel like we're super busy!
Our 4th of July was very chill.
In fact, all we did was go to IHOP for breakfast hahaha
To be fair, Andrew really doesn't like going on outings unless he HAS to cuz he works
all day so the weekends he likes to laze about
and well, we girls just don't like to do it every time hahaha

Rory did get a special treat this month.
I won a Painting with Rapunzel at As You Wish from A Childs Dream Entertainment
and so we met with Rapunzel
(who was actually Allie's sister Abby!)
and she painted 3 pieces!!
A shark, a princess (Belle if you ask her) and a little butterfly 
that I asked them to make into a magnet

Before we met up with Rapunzel we had dinner with grandparents Mills
and Aunt Haley.
We hadn't seen Grandma and Grandpa for over a month while they 
were cruising around Europe (again! so jealous!)
So the girls were super excited to see them and even posed for pictures!
Last week we did something the most dramatic of all!

Yes, I got Rory's hair cut.
It was her first hair cut other than one when she had that 
mullet problem as a baby.
She did so good during it!
At first she was apprehensive, then she just let it go 
and she's so freaking adorable I die!
I had both girls with me (duh)
BUT the GreatClips wasn't really crowded at all
and she said I could hold Jade........

yeah THIS happened!
First thing Andrew said to me when he saw it was 
"It's almost the 'Classic Ali' look!"
Meaning the style I had in high school and when we started dating.
He prefers my hair long but he was actually pretty nostalgic about this 'do.
So so far I'm liking it and just kicking myself for giving myself bangs....
I forgot how much I hate these things!
Overall though I'm loving not having to waste so much shampoo,
constantly brush through it 8 million times a day,
but I do still miss my long locks ;)
It was sooooo direly needed though it was sad hahaha
and NO I didn't dye my hair.
It's literally that dark now hahaha
Saturday was my friend Stacy's birthday and she requested a movie and lunch,
so we went and saw Ghostbusters!!
It's freaking hilarious!!
I literally choked on a Junior Mint while watching it from laughing so hard!
There really isn't anything bad in it either! 
Now there is a guy that flips them off like 8 times
(super immature and such)
BUT he doesn't say the actual word so it's a half victory.
And Chris Hemsworth?!
You guys know I adore him,
and he's funny!!
Not like acting so bad it's funny but actual comedy funny I was so surprised!
This weekend I'm super stoked!!
Andrew and I are getting a getaway!
We're getting a kid-free weekend and lemme tell ya,
it's been most needed!!
Can't believe summer is almost over!
Rory starts preschool in 3 weeks!!
Can I get an AMEN?!