24 June 2016

Rory's 4th Princess Party

SO this past weekend we had Rory's birthday party!!
She requested a straight up princess party this year.
Well, twist my arm why dontcha?!
I had way too much fun setting it all up and we really went minimal this year.
I've realized that my kids don't need a Pinterest party every year
(though I still thank the heavens for Pinterest and its ideas!!)
and quite frankly doing something huge each year just stresses me out so 

 We had a makeshift photobooth set up for picture taking.
(kid you not, the backdrop plus 11 props was on clearance at WalMart for $2.50!!)
I really wish my house had better (or any) natural light coming in hahaha
But the kids loved getting the props and taking pictures
We did however have a very special royal guest 
come to the party!
 Princess Belle!!!
We actually KNOW Belle, she was one of our actors in the youth theatre
my parents work for (and Andrew and I have done things with them 
behind the scenes too).
My mom won a party with her at one of the fundraisers for the theatre
and I was so excited when she offered it for Rory's party!

 Belle came and told the kids her story,
cuz what Belle wouldn't tell a story!?
Complete with singing and the kids gobbled it up like pie!
She helped pass out the cake,
played hide and seek with the kids
(which didn't work out very well cuz Rory is really bad at waiting to be found,
and helped open presents and keep them organized!

Rory was on cloud 9!
She thought she was the coolest princess and loved her party!

 Her cake was freaking adorable from Fry's!
She got so many awesome things from her friends
and we gave her some Captain America jammies,
Avengers flip flops and an Avengers towel.
What can I say?
The girl has many fandoms already haha
After her party, we all kinda fell into a coma.
Rory wore her new jammies all day on Sunday for her actual birthday,
except at church when she wore one of the new dresses GG and Papa bought her!

She looked seriously gorgeous
and I had to hold back some tears.
I can't believe how fast it's going by.
Sure she drives me up the wall most of the time but she's my BABY!
SO there ya have it!
Birthday party #4 for Aurora Rose is in the books now!

Time to start planning Jade's!!
Mickey Mouse themed! ;)
She LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,
just like her sister did at the age,
guess who gets to reuse the decorations!?!?

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