19 June 2016

A Letter to Aurora

Dear Aurora,
How in the world are you 4 already?!
Wasn't it just yesterday they placed you on my chest for the first time?
Didn't I just change your first diaper and feed you your first bottle?
 You've grown up so much Peanut.
You speak like an adult 95% of the time,
you're kind, sweet, loving, share everything with those you love,
ask a bajillion questions, love your Primary teacher,
play with your sister, give the best snuggles.
You are also one little pill butt!
You have a stubbornness the likes of which have never been seen,
a tenacity that stretches my patience,
a will stronger than Superman.
You also are one of the strongest spirits I know.
You know what's right and what's wrong.
When you do something wrong, you go into meltdown mode
because you knew it was wrong but did it anyway.
You do however correct many people when they are "wrong"
or say differently than you,
and as much as I admire your strength little girl,
other people CAN have opinions different than you!

You also teach me daily.
I didn't realize how much love I could store until I met you.
I am forever honored to be your mother.
You are spunky, strong, independent, loving, sweet,
ready to learn, friendly, a great helper,
Jade's best big sister,
and my best oldest girl.

You brought such light and purpose into our lives
when you were born Aurora Rose.
Daddy and I have always known that you would be 
someone incredibly special to the world someday.
You are already the world to us,
I'm excited to watch you grow up and see what this life has in store for you.

I hope you always cling to the truths that you know.
That you remain steadfast in your faith.
That you never forget that Jesus and Heavenly Father love you and know you.
When you pray, listen closely to the Spirit
and He will speak to you.
I hope you always love to learn of both Gospel and temporal things.
You are like a sponge and retain so much already
I can't wait for you to go to school where you learn even more!
Please keep your strength throughout your life.
Especially when others try to break you down.
And they unfortunately will.
Such is the world and the Devil that runs it.
You are such a special little spirit warrior and 
I want you to always keep that fire in you.

I love you so much Rory!
Happy Birthday sweetheart!
Now let's go eat some cake!

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