13 May 2016

Tiger Mama Giveaway!!

Hello my lovelies!!

Today I'm collaborating with Siri of Pumpkin Thieves and Buffalo Wings 
to share what being a Tiger Mamma means to me.

I loved Siri's post about the nuturing nature of the tigers.
I have always been a huge tiger fan
Um hello, Jasmine has a PET tiger and I have always wanted one!
To me, being a "Tiger Mama" is to
protect my girls as best I can while still letting them explore the world for themselves
and figure out who they are on their own.
Instill in them good qualities and morals
but let them make mistakes
(which is super hard for a control ish freak like me)
and learn to get up when they fall
and be ready with a hug when they DO fall.
Every child deserves a "Tiger Mama"
(plus, you mess with my kids I will roar and tear you down!!)

To celebrate we are collaborating with some fantastic bloggers
and handmade shops to bring you some phenomenal prizes!

Head over to Instagram to enter
or get lots of extra entries on the rafflecopter here.

Good luck everyone!!! ;)

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