19 May 2016

Mother's Day (belated!!!)

I swear I'm still alive hahaha
I'm actually frantically getting ready to go on another
very spontaneous Disney trip with the BFF Alyx
and her family plus my mom!!
We're gonna have a blast and I'm stoked!
Until then,
here's what happened on Mother's Day (ish)
The week before Mother's Day I felt very vintage
in my LulaRoe Amelia dress,
my great grandmother's pearls,
and my tweed heels from Payless.
And I wanted to document that I actually looked pretty ok for the first time
in a very long time hahaha
Props to Andrew for both taking the picture and keeping the girls in the church
parking lot with him!
I'm also about 12 pounds skinnier here!!
I've kinda plateaued BUT I'm not discouraged at all,
I know this is a process plus I'm trying to not completely deny myself
anything that I like.
Just trying to be smarter and not snack as much hahaha
(and yes, Isagenix works amazingly,
and yes I'm still using it and I'm hoping to always continue to use it!)
On Mother's Day weekend
Andrew bought me a bouquet of roses which was super sweet!
 This year Rory was determined to be old enough to help 
Daddy make me breakfast in bed ;)
Here she is all proud of herself hahaha
She made the toast all by herself
and told Daddy that I needed a banana cuz it was my favorite haha
She wasn't wrong,
plus it helped after eating all that grease!
Both girls in their Primary classes made me little pictures
and Rory did one of those "All About Mom"
things like how old I am and such,
I cried with gratitude.
"I love her because she loves me too"
I had her do one of those same thing for her grandmas and GG
and they were a huge hit!
Look out grandpas and Papa,
Father's Day is next! Hahaha
When we left to have dinner with our families Andrew did Jade's hair!
I jokingly told her to ask him to do it
and lo and behold HE DID IT!
And it looked really good considering how she never sits still hahaha
I had an amazing Mother's Day and I loved every minute of it!
These little girls are my life even if they do drive me nuts.
They are such firecrackers and spunky and I wouldn't have them any other way!
I'm incredibly grateful to BE a mother.
I know there are many that wish to be and haven't had that opportunity yet.
I'm grateful for ALL women in my life and my daughters lives that help influence them to be
better versions of themselves and not to back down.

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