10 May 2016

"Clean Out the Fridge" Mac N Cheese

I think we all know I'm not the cook of the family.
I've mentioned it before that Andrew is the cook
and I'm the baker hahaha
We often joke that he rules the top
(aka the stove)
and I rule the bottom
(aka the oven) 
in our marriage and so far it's worked pretty dang well 
Now obviously he can't always cook dinner,
he's always willing to but by the time he gets home it's
I dunno about anyone else but soon as Daddy gets home,
the hangry comes out of the girls so I better have something on the table
before we have an uprising and some kind of Lord of the Flies ordeal.
I am the queen of super easy,
no fuss no muss food. 
Like one pot recipes?
Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
So here's one that's an absolute favorite in our house
and perfect for when I'm feeling particularly lazy.
I call it:
"Clean Out The Fridge Mac n Cheese"
And it's as easy as it sounds.
We had some leftover bacon and sausage from Sunday's
Mother's Day breakfast for me
(thank you honey!!)
plus we always keep frozen bags of veggies in the freezer
and last night it was peas.

 So you make the mac n cheese like normal.
I personally like to melt the butter in the boiling water before adding
my macaroni noodles to it,
I'm not sure why but it makes it taste better
(Plus that's how my mom does it so duh!)

After the noodles are cooked and drained,
add the rest of the normal ingredients 
PLUS whatever you want to add to the dish!
I added the bacon - roughly chopped
and the sausage - roughly chopped
and the steamed peas (steamed in the microwave in the bag haha)
and then literally just stir it altogether!
you're done!

This is also a great way to trick your kids into eating veggies.
I've put in broccoli, spinach, carrots (not AS successful in that one but I digress!),
bell peppers. 
I mean really any veggie that can withstand heat will work.
We've done ham, bacon, sausage, hamburger, Italian sausage.
Really what doesn't go with mac n cheese am I right??
I add salt and pepper to mine and Andrew's afterward usually
but the girls don't really like or need that so they just get this straight outta the pot haha

And that's it!
What did I tell you?
SUPER easy!
The perfect lazy dinner idea and honestly it's one of my personal favorites too.
(Forgive the crappy iPhone pictures.
My house doesn't get like ANY natural light so this was the best I got hahaha)

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