14 April 2016

So far.....

Hello my lovelies!!
 We're back from our vacation and I can't wait to share it all with you! 
But first I wanted to let you know how I've been doing
on this Isagenix journey!
I want to start by saying that I was a complete skeptic.
My friend Stacy was the one who introduced me to Isa
and I didn't really fully believe her.
I mean, it was too good to be true guys.
How could this really be that helpful in my life?
Drinking shakes and cleansing and all manner of what sounded like complicated regimens.
How could that possibly help me?
It works.
My first day I did the shakes I felt better.
The first DAY!
I was still pretty skeptical though.
So as I've been continuing to drink the shakes and do the cleanses,
I've noticed how much better I feel.
I was more than willing to take my kids places 
because I didn't feel as stressed,
I was sleeping better because I was getting the nutrition I didn't realize I wasn't getting.
And so much more!
I've struggled with IBSD for as long as I can possibly remember.
EVERYTHING made me sick.
I would feel gross after every meal, snack, anything.
I'd have to run to the bathroom all the time,
and feel crummy constantly.
After one week on Isagenix, I hadn't had a SINGLE tummy issue.
NO running to the bathroom praying I'll be ok,
NO crummy feelings,
NO sickness.
I couldn't believe this is how normal people live their lives hahaha
now I'll be honest, first cleanse day was rough haha SUPER rough,
BUT it was also doable. 
I almost gave up but Andrew was a great supporter as was Stacy.
She'd send me little memes and ecards through the day encouraging me.
In that first week I lost 6 pounds!!
I didn't do this to get drastic results.
I really didn't (and still don't) expect to go from 
my size 28 pants to 12 in a 30 day period.
But I did not expect to feel this good while losing weight!
The best part about this program?
While it does encourage you to stay away from sugar,
it doesn't require you to completely abandon it!
It's a LIFESTYLE change.
I still every now and then have a little treat but to be honest,
it's now too sweet for me to eat much of anyway!
Again, huge win!
I'm writing this here so I can keep a record of what I'm doing and how it's going.
I'll be frank here too.
This last week at Disneyland was not the best week for me.
I forgot my shakes for a complete day and a half.
It happens when you're not focused on you hahaha
and guess what?
I felt crummy almost immediately.
I almost fell back into my old habits.
And I got cranky.
 So today I'm back on track and being more strict than normal so I can try to reset 
my body again into healthier ways.
Thankfully I only gained 1 pound while I was gone,
but that's still a lot of work that I gotta catch up on!
So not to toot my own horn too much,
but I am SOOO incredibly glad I found this program.
It may not be for everyone,
for me it's changed my life for good.
So again, here's to a new and improved Ali coming soon!!
Next post will be our Disney trip I promise!! ;)
And to pacify you until then 
(and reward you for reading this whole thing hahaha)
here's a picture of my cute little Tink meeting "her" Peter Pan

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