28 April 2016

Say Hi Society Event

You guys, blogging has blessed me in so many ways.
I have met so many amazing people
and been able to have so many opportunities!
After our Disneyland trip I had exactly one day to breathe
(and do laundry)
before I got to go to this conference!
I've been going to #azbloggermeetups for a long time.
Actually I was at the very first one they hosted!
And now they've teamed up with Say Hi Society
and I couldn't be happier!
(All pictures were taken by the lovely
and amazing Chrissy Delacy of Let Me See You Sparkle Photography)

 The swag bags were amazing!!
I got a Jane Eyre inspired counting book 
and both Rory and Jade love the looks of it and I love that 
it's based off my favorite book!

 Talking to Tausha!!

 See that gorgeous tall girl?
That's Jen!
One of my favorite human beings on the planet!

(They showed us a video from Pampers and I cried!
Thank goodness Chrissy DIDN'T get the ugly girl cry face of mine haha)
That day we gathered at the gorgeous 
The Falls Event Center in Gilbert.
All the hear eye emojis for this place!
Here's just the BATHROOM!
(ok sorry, this picture was mine, NOT Chrissy's haha)
 I want it in my house like ASAP!
We were completely #PamperedbyPampers for this event!
We got spoiled with yogurt and snacks 
and then Kneaders for lunch!
We all know how much I LOVE Kneaders.

We got to hear from some professionals 
(Mommy Mailbox and Matt from Tanga.com

on how to help grow our brands/
market them accordingly.
It was fascinating and I got a few ideas for both this blog and my little jewelry shop!
We got pampered with a nail polish bar,

(that's my friend Kylie!!)
Reachel from Cardigan Empire came to help all of us learn our colors 
and body shapes for our fashion
(I did not get a chance to get over there, BUT I heard it was amazing!),
 Lindsey of Painting You Pretty came to help with make up tricks!
 And Harley Chapman came to show us some amazing braids!! 
I had so much fun being with my people again!
It had been a long time since I'd been able to go to one of the meetups.
Since moving way out East to San Tan
it's been harder to get over to see these wonderful ladies,
but I'm making it a priority to go more often now because I realized how much I missed
learning new things,
talking with old and making new friends.
Plus lezzbe real, being a blogger
DOES have its perks when it comes to swag!
Plus photo booths!

Alicia and Siri are two more of my favorite people
on this good planet!
They have kids similar in ages to mine 
which makes us even better friends ;)
One of the things Pampers asked us to pay tribute to
was our favortie things about being a parent.
Here is mine:
 And yes, I really DO like sticky chocolate kisses from both of my girls!
Plus snuggles, belly laughs, tickle fights, etc!
Plus I won a prize for one of their favorite pictures taken of the event!
No, not the bathroom
 This one!
I was clever and wrote
"Wasn't it so sweet of them to match out lollipops to MY business cards!?"
And I won some Paul Mitchell blonde hair shampoo and conditioner!
Now I just need my hair to match so I can use it hahaha
I cannot wait for the next conference to happen!
Who wants to come with?? ;)

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